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Three foreigners stole 7,000 yuan from cell phone store

The foreigners asked to exchanges 100 yuan bills with serial numbers beginnning with S. Police said they had CCTV footage showing those three foreigners did the same thing in other Chinese cities in the past. To Chinese people foreigners, especially blacks, somewhat look the same, which is the reason why police have problem with identifying them. Maybe we have to hire some foreign cops.

The second vid shows these three did the same in another city 2 months ago.

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Henan Anyang, a mobile phone shop is open as usual busy salesperson who, more than five p.m., three foreigners came.

The requirements of the foreigners also stumped clerk who, they come up with the store's business models turned for a long time, but could not find the beginning of what S hundred notes. At this time a foreign man, anxious, pro hands, but ultimately did not find no choice but to go.

But had left for a while, the salesperson suddenly felt something, an investigation found that less than 7,000 yuan of money. After carefully view the video store and found some tricky.

Hundred notes when a salesperson for foreigners to find, the male foreigner a total of three time leaned over the body over the counter, hand direct contact to the business section of the salesperson hands.

Look slow motion the foreigners first saw the stack of money Diecheng fan, then the right hand, left hand interchangeable take money, salesperson suspect is empty when he stack the money into his own hands, and then ends up trouser pocket where .

Currently, some parts of the country are finding money making thing three foreigners, police are investigating the matter.

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Added: Sep-4-2012 
By: Lake8737
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