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81 Year Old British Granny Gets BITCHSLAPPED For Driving Too Slow On Her Way To Care Home...
Frustrated motorist slaps 81-year-old woman in the face for driving
at just 5mph (on her way to visit her husband in a care home)

  • Usman Yasin found guilty of hitting Patricia Pearson, 81, as she drove to visit her husband at a care home
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    03:51 EST, 21 September 2012


    07:00 EST, 21 September 2012

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    Usman Yasin, 30, pictured, was found guilty of
    hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson in a road rage attack after first
    claiming he acted in self-defence
    An aggressive driver slapped an elderly woman across the face after he became enraged over her slow driving.

    Yasin, 30, attacked the 81-year-old after unleashing a barrage of abuse
    at her for travelling at 5mph on her way to visit her husband at a care
    home.Patricia Pearson, of
    Burton upon Trent, suffered serious facial injuries in the road rage
    assault – which Yasin claimed he committed in self-defence after she
    struck the first blow.He was found guilty of hitting Mrs Pearson following a trial at Burton upon Trent Magistrates’ Court in Staffordshire.

    court heard how Yasin became increasingly frustrated as he travelled
    behind Mrs Pearson in All Saints Road, Burton upon Trent at around 2pm
    on June 17.
    He claimed
    that she had been driving at no more than 5mph along the narrow
    residential street, which has a number of speed bumps.
    the two vehicles reached a point where the road opened up Yasin darted
    past Mrs Pearson and pulled in front of her, coming to a stop and
    switching off his engine.


    Pearson got out of her car and approached Yasin’s green Peugeot 206,
    leaning into the window to ask what he was doing when he unloaded a
    series of foul abuse at her.The elderly woman put her hand towards
    Yasin’s face in an attempt to make him stop, but he swung out an arm and
    slapped her across the face.The court was shown shocking images of
    Mrs Pearson’s injuries, which included a swollen lip, lumps to the
    forehead and cuts to her cheek.Mrs Pearson also said that Yasin had got out of his car, pushed her and shook her.

    The confrontation happened in All Saints Road,
    Burton upon Trent, pictured, after Yasmin complained the elderly woman
    was driving too slowly
    Yasin denied hitting her more than once, which was supported by
    independent witnesses, and added that her injuries appeared worse
    because of her age.Burton
    Magistrates’ Court accepted that Mrs Pearson, who was said to have been
    ‘frightened’ by the attack, had become ‘confused’ in her recollection of
    the events.The confrontation was only halted when a bystander came between the two and intervened.

    Frederick Powell, prosecuting, said: ‘Any remorse that he says he has shown is crocodile tears.

    'Had it not been for Mr Smith getting in the way, he would have gone after her again.’

    But Yasin claimed he was ‘very remorseful’.

    He added: ‘She’s the same age as my grandma. If I had taken a second to think and had just driven on I wouldn’t be here today.'

    The case was adjourned for sentence until October 10 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

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