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Ted uber chickenhawk and republican fraidycat

He acknowledges his own First Amendment right to Free Speech, but disparages the same rights of others and has even threatened to shoot journalists. He claims the right to hunt for sustenance is God-given, but owns a canned hunting facility in order to collect trophies and has actually spit on animal rights activists protesting the fur trade. His "Law and Order" philosophy and paranoid rants against all "terrorists" apparently don't apply to his own threats to assassinate politicians such as then-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
"what's so terrible about Ted Nugent," I would have to say that being a draft-dodger, a chicken hawk, a hypocrite, and a near-pathological liar tops my list.
In 1969, Terrible Ted was sent notice to report for his "Armed Forces Physical Exam" on August 28th of that year. Being a college-educated Conservative faced with actually going to war and fighting for the country he claims to love so much, Mr. Nugent did the only sensible thing he could think of: He peed (and pooped) his pants...Literally.
In a 1977 interview with High Times Magazine:
"I got 30 days' notice of the physical, I ceased cleansing my body. Two weeks before the test I stopped eating food with nutritional value. [presumably to foul his lab tests] A week before, I stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. My pants got crusted up."
That's right, in order to avoid serving his country in uniform, this brave son of a former Army Drill Sergeant, lived in his own filth for a week.

"I wish I'd understood how important America's fight against our enemies was. But did I go to Fallujah two years ago? Damn right I did. And was I in Afghanistan, manning a 50-calibre machine gun in a Chinook - ready to rock? Yes. Was I there for years? No. A couple of weeks. But I am not a coward."

Again, the serial liar...well, lies. He was most certainly NOT "manning a 50-calibre machine gun in a Chinook - ready to rock." It would have been a crime punishable under Field Article Protocols of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice to arm a US civilian in a foreign nation. It is also against USO rules for touring abroad. It is also against US Law and would be in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Finally, only four Chinook helicopters have been outfitted with a machinegun heavier than an M240 (7.62mmN/.308 caliber). Developed by Boeing during the Vietnam War and designated ACH-47A , only three saw combat. All Chinooks deployed to Afghanistan are CH-47D or MH-47E variants. The later is a Special Operations variant with additional avionics (but no additional weaponry), and not eligible for use by the USO.
Nuge's booty is more precious than the lives of the 55,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam War...according to Ted Nugent, anyway.

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