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Foreigner with knife hijacked car and hit four other vehicles 

He used a kitchen knife to rob a car in the street and then drove it wildly, hitting four vehilces and one person. He was subdued by bystanders when trying to escape. Police didn't disclose his nationality but people said they heard him speaking Russian.

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Incident the Jianguomen near accident foreigners tried to escape stalking a guy all the way to cooperate with the police finally caught the perpetrator

WASHINGTON (Nightline report group Reporters Zhang Yingchuan) 16:00 yesterday, a foreign man the Jianguomen near the hotel dining to a waiter pricks, followed by a car stopped to grab a, Lianzhuang 4 car and hit hurt passers-by. At present, the police have the control of foreign man.

Around 15:40 yesterday, in the the Jianguomen near Kyoto Garden Hotel, witnesses reported seeing a man dressed in a dark T-shirt and shorts foreign armed with knives rushed out from the hotel lobby, his mouth has been The clamored Russian.

The man was about 1 meter tall and 8, burly. Rushed out when the mental state is not normal, like a drunk in general, to see the people we should play a couple of kitchen knives. "Witnesses said the foreign men out of the hotel, but also forcibly stopped on the roadside to grab a cars leaving. Subsequently, the car Lianzhuang a van near the Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue and Jianhua Road junction, two taxis and a bus, also injured at least one pedestrian.

In 4 car Lianzhuang, the intention of the foreign man abandoned the vehicle and fled, after a member of the public and police wrestled in their uniforms.

"He went from my front mouth blood." Built outside the street next to the Friendship Store security Komago in yesterday afternoon and the perpetrators just a "side of the edge."

Foreign man from the the Friendship Store side door away, immediately burst into a roadside restaurant, beat up and open the restaurant waiter ran toward the operating room. "Our attendants are pushed to the wall, lips and teeth knock together, bleeding." Restaurant manager said.

Foreigners and then ran out of the restaurant to the side of the road, one will be standing for a while sitting on the side of the road on the steps, whenever he tried to escape, Chen Xiaobin and bespectacled young men immediately followed and blocked his way. During this period, they also called the police. "We do not have physical contact, but can smell him alcohol." When SWAT arrived, and took away uniforms these expatriate man. Really good, "said the young man has been followed."

9:30 today, the reporter went to the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, Wang Ji (sound) was injured yesterday evening by ambulance and police escort to here. Emergency duty officer said the injured covered in dirt, has a wound on his head and arms, all the blood on the white T-shirt stained with blood, people walking dozen Akira.

Mr. Wang is struggling to stand up from the bed, the doctor called the three nurses and a security guard, he fixed bed to complete the cleanup and bandaging wounds on his head and arms. Found after examination, Mr. Wang impact, head congestion, the awareness some sober or have a slight concussion that night was transferred to the brain for treatment.

Morning, Mr. Wang has regained consciousness. It is understood that the time of the incident, Mr. Wang Buick car crashed into a green belt next. Their family members this morning, went to Beijing from Liaoning. Accident Branch police transcripts of Mr. Wang.

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