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Majestic 12 (Roswell Crash) Deluxe

Beginning in July of 1947, flying machines not of this Earth were found crashed in the New Mexico desert. America’s vital strategic defenses had been compromised! Our nation’s most highly guarded weapons installations were suddenly vulnerable. New Mexico was home to advanced atomic bomb development under way at Los Alamos. Our first Strategic Air Command Bomber group, the 509th, had just gone operational at Roswell, and south of Roswell at White Sands Missile Range, our fledgling rocket design program was under way..
It was absolutely imperative for our national defense planners to determine if these crashed ‘alien’ vehicles, discovered near our nation’s most sensitive military installations, were the vanguard of an invading space armada! Desperate to find answers as quickly as possible, President Harry S. Truman assembled a team of his top advisors under strictest secrecy to establish some kind of defense strategy.

Following the crash investigation at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, Air Force General Nathan Twining insisted to President Truman that the ‘alien’ issue “was bigger than the Manhattan Project” and required that it be managed on a larger scale and obviously for a longer period… They would form nothing less than a government within the government, sustaining itself from presidential administration to presidential administration regardless of whatever political party took power, and ruthlessly guarding their secrets while evaluating every new bit of information on flying saucers they received. But at the same time, they would allow disclosure of some of the most far-fetched information, whether true or not, because it would help create a climate of public attitude that would be able to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life without a general sense of panic.”

“He [President Dwight Eisenhower] had gone to California in the middle of February [1954] for a golfing vacation during which he was staying at the ranch of a friend, Paul Roy Helms. For theorists who postulate that Ike’s vacation in California was a cover for a secret visit to Muroc, it is interesting to observe that the President had just come back from a quail-shooting vacation in Georgia less than a week before. It can also be noted that Muroc is not very far from Palm Springs, where the President was staying, and a visit to Muroc would have been possible if he could have disappeared from the press corps’ constant scrutiny for one day.

On February 20, Eisenhower apparently went somewhere on his own, without his entourage, and, for the press corps at least, he had disappeared. Late in the evening of the twentieth, wild rumors began to circulate among the press corps to the effect that the President was not where he was supposed to be—that he had either disappeared from the ranch, Smoke Tree, or something very serious had happened to him.

With repeated phone calls to official sources at the ranch bringing only repeated assurances that all was well, the reporters were free to speculate. The tension of an already shaky situation was heightened when several reporters succeeded in wringing from confidential sources that the President was really missing, but when word arrived that Press Secretary James Haggerty had been hastily summoned to Smoke Tree from the midst of a steak cook-out to make a statement, the pent-up speculation of the press corps ran amok .

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Added: Oct-15-2010 
By: Harmon17
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  • im so glad the acronym "UFO" wasn't used once in the article. ill say it one more time anyhow. a "UFO" is any object, flying, which for one reason or another cannot be identified as this or that, but by no means necessaryily terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, organic or non organic. they are just things in the air that we can or could not name at that moment. got it?

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  • First one of your vid I have watched.

    Last as well.

    Posted Oct-16-2010 By 

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