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67-Year old Swiss makes fools of Counter-Terrorist Units and Police

A 67 year old Swiss retiree won in a shootout and escaped, while being surrounded by three tactical police units in the town of Biel.
It was a tragic story, where a old man named Peter Hans Kneubühl, who had run into financial was to be forcefully removed from his family house and detained.Mr. Kneubuehl had no criminal record, but alarmed the police with his defiant behavior when he was to be evicted.The S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) team of canton Bern named „Stern“ called two other SWAT teams from other cantons for reinforcement.When the tactical units attempted to storm the house, a gun battle erupted, which left one police officer seriously injured.Kneubuehl managed to slip away unnoticed crossing two surrounding police perimeters.
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The speakers of the Kantonspolizei distorted many facts:„We just tried talk to mister Kneubuehl and he opened fire on us. We were completely taken by surprise“(In fact several dozens of fully armed and equipped anti terror police were moving in on Kneubühl's home.)When they searched the premises and found four handguns, which Kneubühl had purchased legally year before, police claimed: „Mr. Kneubühl had built an arsenal to engage the police in a shootout.“(Why did Kneubuehl leave to handguns in boxes in his basement, if he had got them to use against the police?)Police weapons which include sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns, night-vision goggles with infrared-pointers, scopes, aim-point tactical sights versus handguns with limited ammunition capacity?
Then there is the Swiss media, led by a sensation seeking tabloid called „Blick“, which likes to act as propaganda platform to the authorities, similar to „Fox News“ in the U.S.The papers nicknamed Mr. Kneubühl as „Amok-Renter“ which means amok retiree. The term „amok“ or "amuk" applies to someone who indiscriminately shoots or attacks people. In incidents around Kneubühl that was never the case and it is a deliberate false label.
The Swiss justice employs a small number of psychologist, whom they can depend on to formulate reports to them in the manner they please, regardless of the true facts.One of these puppet forensic psychiatrist named Martin Kiesewetter, declared Kneubühl as paranoid and delusional, because he felt in fear of his life during the standoff with police.Probably most individuals would believe their lives were at stake, if they are being surrounded by police with full tactical gear, pointing machine guns at them.
The psychiatrist also suggest procedure of „Verwahrung“ allowing people to be locked up indefinitely, beyond any prison sentence, if he is declared a danger to the public. The option of „Verwahrung“ was voted in by the the public to protect the public from repeat Sexual-offenders and serial killers. Today the option of „Verwahrung“ is applied in a arbitrary, often even in a disproportionate manner by justice officials.Despite having a progressive „Direct Democracy“ political system, the justice system is very backward and corrupt, where agreements are frequently made behind closed doors.People who fall in disfavor of the justice system can be kept in prison for months, sometimes even years without charges being laid against them. On the other hand severe offenses can be punished very leniently, to the disbelief of the public.

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