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Australian mugshots of early 1900's female felons: Cocaine dealers/fiends, abortionists, murderers, baby killers, fraudsters, & thieves

Image 1) Adeline Cooke: Multi-alias bigamist and fraudster.
Image 2) Emily Hemsworth: Found not guilty of murdering her baby son on grounds of insanity.
Image 3) Dorothy Mort: Murdered her young lover Dr Claude Tozer, with a bullet to the face.
Image 4) Doris Poole: Expensive Jewellery, & clothes thief.
Image 5) Annie Matthews: Classic recidivist.
Image 6) Clara Randall: Persistent insurance scammer.
Image 7) Amy Lee: 'Victim of the foul practice of Cocaine snorting'
Image 8) Alma Smith: Performed several fatal abortions.
Image 9) Eugenia Fellani, Male impersonator who murdered Miss Annie Birkett after they were married.
Image 10) As image 9.
Image 11) Janet Wright, Performed a fatal abortion on a teenager.
Image 12) Elizabeth Ruddy, Career thief.
Image 13) Jean Wilson, Persistent housebreaker.
Image 14) Jessie Longford, Persistent thief.
Image 15) Ada McGuinness, 'The most evil woman in Sydney', Cocaine dealer.
Image 16) Hazel McGuinness, Delivered Cocaine for her mother Ada.
Image 17) Vera Crichton, Performed several fatal abortions.
Image 18) Fay Watson, Cocaine peddler/fiend.
Image 19) Edith Ashton, Performed fatal abortions, & handled stolen goods.
Image 20) Elizabeth Singleton, Common prostitute!!!???
Image 21) Edith Walker, Cocaine fiend/runner.

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