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    Choose the ball or choose the Sword


    (Your Say)

    People are getting played like a violin on this. Classic divide and conquer and it is becoming laughable! Are we this fucking stupid? Clinton or Trump, that was the best America, (the world's s

    By: unstoppable tramp | Creation date: Feb-11-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: unstoppable tramp, future

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    VPE Ukraine


    (Ukraine, Regional News)

    VPE Ukraine

    By: Vox Populi Evo | Creation date: Feb-10-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Ukraine, DPR

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    TRUMP BAN held up in the courts


    (World News, Weapons, Your Say)

    BULLSHIT. Trump had complete authority to ban entry from questionable countries. The 9th circuit court are a bunch of assholes, Non American, ASSHOLES. It seems to be about time for WE THE PEOPLE to

    By: GIJoe | Creation date: Feb-9-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: SHITBAGS, 9th cicuit court, Ameririca first, Time has come, TRUMP, USA

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    StrongYankee quit? I find it hard to believe? Did he get screwed over? Anyone know?

    By: GIJoe | Creation date: Feb-7-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: quit

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    Never thought I'd have to complain about nudity, but come on...spammers posting nude women in the comments section. I like to take a few minutes here and there throughout my work day to see what's goi

    By: TM1983 | Creation date: Feb-6-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: spammers, liveleak, toreportornottoreport, boobies

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    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Feb-6-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Robotmanbear whatever

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    LOL...You Suck...


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    Unblocking someone you've Blocked to leave a Comment then Blocking them again is a Fucking Coward move... Grow Some Balls...LOL....Or....You know...Don't be a Pussy....LOL...Or whatever...Just Man

    By: GORTEVANS | Creation date: Feb-6-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Blocking,Last,Blog,

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    Butthurt on LiveLeak


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    Cannot display this channel since it belongs to a user (Ekat) that has you blocked. If you want to block this particular user as well, click HERE

    By: GORTEVANS | Creation date: Feb-5-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Blocking,Crying,

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    LiveLeak Cry Babies


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    I've never seen anything like it. Boo fucking hoo! Feel free to vent. I've wanted to for a very long time.

    By: Ekat | Creation date: Feb-5-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Crying, is, for, fill in the blank. lol

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    Who's gambling?



    Super Bowl Sunday! This is Yuge I don't even know who our new President decided on. Who do you think will win?

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Feb-5-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Football Gambling

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    By: CarlHamilton | Creation date: Feb-4-2017 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Josh Garrels

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    Where is Mr. Bond?


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    Hey Liveleak.... Rick Bond...A respected and well liked member of this small community has been absent for over a month now. I hope all is well with him and his family. This gentleman has helpe

    By: bengalcanuck | Creation date: Feb-3-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: cheers rick come back

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    I'm just wondering any thoughts on the New President?



    Do you think that he's lied so far and hasn't done what he said he would? My honest opinion he'll be attacked by the media and in time they'll tone down because he doesn't deal with no bull shit.

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Feb-3-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Based President Trump Real Business Awesome MAGA

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    LL moderation madness and fun


    (Creative, Other Entertainment, Your Say, Other Items from Liveleakers)

    I think this would be a good place to discuss the workings, antics, and occasional zaniness of the Liveleak moderation process.

    By: Zit | Creation date: Feb-1-2017 | Number of entries: 2
    Tags: Liveleak, LL, moderators, moderation, funny

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    My City Has Gone Mad


    (Regional News, Your Say) Meanwhile anti Trump protesters are causing a nuisance i

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Jan-30-2017 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Murder,protesters, Leeds,I\'m, getting,angry,