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    Bhutan carbon negative, Canada Carbon Villian?


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    EcoWatch has claimed that Bhutan is " of the few countries in the world to have negative carbon emissions." Some basic facts for comparison: Bhutan has 18 people per sq/km and a birth

    By: Jb0713 | Creation date: Dec-11-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Canada, carbon, sustainablity, CO2

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    Where's a yoursay when you need one?


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    I haven't had an enjoyable "movement" in weeks. Nothing goes better with a nice dump than a good yoursay. I dug through pages of JRStress crap to get my fix last night. Where are you everyone? What gi

    By: aphidlip | Creation date: Dec-10-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Dump, corn, Martin Brodel, john1054lol

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    Aphidlip Show TONIGHT


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    It looks like Liveleak is going to do a show after all tonight. So I think I will get some shit together and do one myself. If anyone would like to participate or if you have any idea feel free. You c

    By: aphidlip | Creation date: Dec-8-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Rock on

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    What do you want for X-mas?



    What do you want for Christmas a dildo a blow up doll a flesh light? What present makes you excited?

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Dec-7-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Christmas Season Happy Hopeful Good Cheers Rum Eggnog

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    Comments about long term Canadian Stabilty

    By: Jb0713 | Creation date: Dec-6-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Canada

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    MyCatNameIsPedroia passed away Saturday November 26. He was 36. Here is a link to Shane's Obituary . Thanks to Shane's dad for letting me know.

    By: RickBond | Creation date: Dec-3-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: MyCatNameIsPedroia

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    youre so fucking trump!


    (World News, Politics)

    so this president... the lord of the united wastelands of mcdonalds. Now that he is elected and the great wall of china is about to evolve into a centipede... Seems like morning came after all? Nothin

    By: candelabra | Creation date: Nov-27-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: trump politics butter

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    blah blah



    if you block me i'll delete your comments. 814a40051aad c296d4a5796c 44d3c114239e b673240070f2 d23437a4cfa8 40e3403c75ee ea0562aefdd1 b31b8be083fa 7a5240b5310e f5a

    By: crapcakes | Creation date: Nov-26-2016 | Number of entries: 2
    Tags: notice

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    silly moron


    (World News)

    This is your previous account before you deleted it because you 'earned' a troll badge : @estadosunidosofmierda

    By: cremebrulee | Creation date: Nov-25-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: moron

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    Happy Thanksgiving


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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on Liveleak. May you have a wonderful day and may your stomachs fare well.

    By: qbedobedoo | Creation date: Nov-24-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Happy, Thanksgiving

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    Where's Julian Assange?



    I know many might hate him like they do Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden. I'm just wondering why he's not talked about? Are people really not smart enough to see something is going on. My point is he

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Nov-23-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Assange Missing no Media Nothing Quiet Why?

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    Propaganda 1492



    Loreena McKennitt The Blessed Hildegard Von Bingen Chants for Saint Ursula The Ninth Wave

    By: egalite | Creation date: Nov-22-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Loreena, Hildegard, Kate, Reconquista

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    The Electoral College is in play



    I am one of those 538 National Elector's and yes the Electoral College is in play I am one of the Electoral College Electors from Colorado. This is by virtue of Hillary Clinton prevailing in Co

    By: 1citizen | Creation date: Nov-20-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: 2016 election, Electoral College, Clinton, Trump,

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    Donald Is Gonna Make Barron WATCH!



    I imagine this is is how barrons first night will be. "MY HIPS THRUSTIN DOWN ON MALANIA"

    By: SimpleJackJihad | Creation date: Nov-18-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: trump, maga, watch, america, usa, cornel, unc, vh, my germs

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    Fight Music!



    Just a few tunes i have on my playlist at the mo. Nearly fight time!

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Nov-18-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Playlist,fight,music,getting,in,the,mood,