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    Reputable Liveleakers - Can you recommend me dashcam



    As much as I've watched all the vehicle collision shit go down on Liveleak, I finally want to get with the program. Can anyone recommend me HD non potato dashcam liveleak worthy dashcam front and rear

    By: VelcroToiletPaper | Creation date: Nov-1-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: dashcam, help, me,

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    F.B.I. Reviewing New Emails in Hillary Clinton Case


    (World News)

    By: Topple215 | Creation date: Oct-28-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Hillary, FBI, Emails, Russia did it

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    Crybabies that blocked me



    Most of them did first send me a private message with tearful eyes telling me that I will enjoy being blocked by them. Man they could not be more right on that one XD

    By: JamesButler | Creation date: Oct-27-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Butthurt, valid arguments, blocked by sheeple

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    The Big Shark Has Left The Tank!


    (WTF, Other Items from Liveleakers) I guess the heat got too much.

    By: Ragingbull83 | Creation date: Oct-25-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Secret,service, Ricky,Vasquez,fucked,up,jail,in,60,days

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    I haven't been on here that long at least when it comes to others neither did I lurk long before I created my account. My point is I haven't seen all the old gore vids or ogrish vids. If you have any

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Oct-24-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Repost Gore Vids LL Ogrish Material

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    Do any of you blog then delete them the following morning.



    Did you make a blog and delete it the next day?

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Oct-21-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Googles Yaoos Skypes White Privelege Slavery joos jim crowe democrats

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    Clinton Vs Trump



    Where do they stand?

    By: RickBond | Creation date: Oct-19-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Clinton, Trump

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    Propaganda 9000



    sick speed Afro, Tribal, & Deep Minimal House Smooth Nordic Ambient

    By: egalite | Creation date: Oct-18-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: Speedcore, Afrohouse, Nordic

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    youtube and its ads....(update)



    Embedded YouTube videos has never really bothered me until now.Everyone of them has this annoying ad at the beginning!It pisses me off FFS! Watching some of the uploads from YouTube to LL, is at

    By: digger56 | Creation date: Oct-17-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: youtube,ads,annoying I dont give a flying fuck blocking

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    T-Bombing Range Max 10x 1-line Replies!


    (Science and Technology)

    Unlike HRC it's PLAY to PAY, Vote & Reply Away

    By: Black Holes Matter | Creation date: Oct-13-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: EXpermental, Bombing Range

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    What ever



    I think that politics is tearing this nation apart. That"s why I asked that nothing political be posted on my page. It's amazing to me that people are so polarized by this coming election that they wi

    By: Bargemanwilly | Creation date: Oct-12-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: thoughts

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    My memonics...


    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    My own memes I created

    By: growltiger | Creation date: Oct-12-2016 | Number of entries: 0
    Tags: meme, growltiger

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    (Other Items from Liveleakers)

    With Halloween approaching, post a picture of your Halloween costume, a cool Halloween story or just some great Halloween ideas.. Spam will be deleted. :)

    By: qbedobedoo | Creation date: Oct-12-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Halloween, costume

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    Clinton Vs Trump Debate #2 - Were Moderators Biased?



    If so, in favor of who?

    By: RickBond | Creation date: Oct-10-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Clinton Vs Trump Debate #2 - Were Moderators Biased?

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    Hillary Clinton



    She is for Globalism and Destroying Western European Civilization any of you fucking idiots get pissed because a Pimp like Trump says grab her by the pussy are retarded. You are essentially destroying

    By: Robotchickenmanbearpig | Creation date: Oct-9-2016 | Number of entries: 1
    Tags: Hillary Globalist Trump Nationalist MAGA