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  • ''Interview With Muhammad'' *full version*

    ''Interview With Muhammad'' *full version*

    DEN HAAG (ANP) - Ex-Muslim Ehsan Jami presents Tuesday in The Hague his English-language film Interview with Muhammad. In the movie looks back to the prophet Mohammed and his life are themes central t

    By: Hichkas | Comments: 16 | Views: 9065 | Votes: 0 | Shared: 16
    Leaked: Dec-10-2008 in Iran, News, Other

  • Second Islam Film: Mohammed as Peadophile

    Second Islam Film: Mohammed as Peadophile

 THE HAGUE, 28/03/08 - While the cabinet is losing sleep over MP Geert Wilders' unpublished Koran film, a second film is due out on 20 April. Ehsan Jami plans to launch a cartoon film

    By: e4bannan | Comments: 63 | Views: 10499 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
    Leaked: Mar-27-2008 in Iran