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    • America Germany UK Russia China dont want Turkey and Brasil get bigger and better. Turkey protests has finished and Brasil protests started is this coincidence?

      Posted Jun-21-2013 By 

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      • @AMG28282828 What about some FACTS to prove your claims?

        Posted Jun-18-2013 By 

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      • @AllahuSnackbar what about the true about YOUR claims?

        Posted Jun-19-2013 By 

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      • @gokhyyy What the fuck is wrong with you you ungrateful ***. I asked a simple question.
        You can either answer or leave.

        I don't get why I should believe the claims of a random guy on the net who thinks somebody will believe him without any sources.

        Why would the protesting Turks want "more influence" and on what? Their own politics? More influence on global politics?
        Be precise for gods sake if you want somebody to believe you.

        Time for some facts instead of useless d More..

        Posted Jun-19-2013 By 

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      • @AllahuSnackbar Forget AMG- he's a fucking erdogan cunt and most probably have a few accounts to underline his "facts".

        Posted Jun-20-2013 By 

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