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    • what is "erm", your little way of being condescending to Ezekiel, or the accompanying video?

      Posted Aug-17-2008 By 

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    • re: Quoted comment by CrzyCanuk: Enjoyed the back and forth today.... nice to run into an adult who can take a little ribbing without pullin out the heavy artillary ;-)



      i'd disagree whith that.

      Well too freakin bad ;-)

      Posted Jul-1-2009 By 

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    • Yes I saw your reply to my comment. Thankyou for the thoughtful response. Whats happening in Iran is terrible & every video clip I now see pisses me off to no end.
      Regardless, the girl was attacked, guess I'm just old fashioned, but I don't believe in hitting women, unless the circumstances are extreme & I've never personally encountered those. I admit I may fly off the handle every now & then & sometimes I don't see the whole story on the first go round.

      Posted Jul-2-2009 By 

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    • You are life and light and I treat life cheaply? Please use your brain one more time, more time. That's it. There you go.

      Posted Mar-1-2011 By 

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    • whats it like being jewish

      Posted Apr-18-2011 By 

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    • thumb down fuck face

      Posted Aug-30-2012 By 

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