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    • Another 'Microsoft Support' Scammer Calls Me

      Another 'Microsoft Support' Scammer Calls Me

      Ok, so I'm working at home again and I get another call from a scammer pretending to be from 'Windows Technical Support'. He wants to help me with the 'viruses' on my computer. I've trimmed this vide

      By: BadgerFace | Comments: 37 | Views: 2899 | Votes: 7 | Shared: 0
      Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Aug-8-2016 in WTF

    • 'Microsoft' Support Scammer

      'Microsoft' Support Scammer



      I was working at home one day when I got a call from a 'Microsoft' support technician who wanted to help me with the viruses and Trojans on my computer. So, I decided to have a bit of fun with him...

      By: BadgerFace | Comments: 829 | Views: 166855 | Votes: 247 | Shared: 447
      Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Aug-7-2016 in WTF

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