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      Posted Dec-20-2015 By 

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    • Hey! Subb'd ya mate! Nice to see another kiwi :)

      Posted Sep-20-2015 By 

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    • Ukrop faggot, blocked.

      Posted Apr-3-2017 By 

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    • dowthumbing multi-account, last warning before flushing patience has its borders. BTW this bot gets upvoted with this bunch of troll accounts. ENJOY this circus:

      +1 by Trance, +1 by tURBOpOTATO, +1 by marelica, +1 by ritual, +1 by everyone, -1 by Ferrante , +1 by dare, +1 by Unbiased, +1 by klemontine, +1 by anon, +1 by Zap a putlerbot!, +1 by phoenix123uk, +1 by routine, +1 by palest, +1 by Tbonemartin, +1 by cursed06, +1 by majestic, +1 by 4ccident, +1 by triangle, +1 by mugiii, More..

      Posted Apr-5-2017 By 

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      • @ethicon You gotta get a life man. Sitting on LL all day eating Cheetos must suck. I mean you get paid for it, but it's just so little. Get a real job my bro. I ain't a bot, is that all you ever say? I am a working man, I got a family and I travel. Retard look at my score. Look what I've commented on. Bots do not have my behaviour. Bots wouldn't even reply to this lol. Fuck me dead you're beyond hope Ethicon. You need to get laid my bro.

        Posted Apr-6-2017 By 

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    • eat shit troll

      Posted Apr-11-2017 By 

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    • Ohh great another sock account from lastdance blocked psycho

      Posted Apr-19-2017 By 

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      Posted Apr-25-2017 By 

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    • fuck you ... humourless down voting cunt


      Posted Mar-25-2017 By 

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    • Bye.

      Posted Apr-13-2017 By 

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      Posted Apr-1-2017 By 

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    • Money on this parade is well spent. What better method would you have to annoy Nazi apologists, Ukrops and butt-hurt russophobes.

      Posted May-2-2017 By 

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    • LOL! Once a troll - always a troll! They're still fighting a losing battle - pretty funny and pathetic:

      Posted May-19-2017 By 

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    • He yo! So when did your family escape Ukraine? I understand you are embarrassed - I'd be as well. But since you cant stop running your mouth I think we deserve to know.

      So reach into your pussy and look for a set of balls. Any luck?

      Posted Jun-5-2017 By 

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    • I'm just here to take a fat shit. Got any dead guys with cash lying around? I know you've killed a few people in your time.

      Posted Feb-2-2017 By 

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    • Hacked Ukropbot blocked . UkropTurd flushed

      There are way too many democrats with Ukraine ties pushing the fake Trump-Russia collusion and Russian hacking narratives. Here are a few:

      Alexandra Chalupa: DNC operative with strong ties to Ukraine, worked on Manafort opposition research with Ukrainian operatives, and even paid for fake documents per the Daily Caller.

      Crowdstrike: The Ukraine-linked cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC to investigate a purported h More..

      Posted Apr-5-2017 By 

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    • Sub'd!!!

      Posted May-6-2017 By 

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    • disgusting cunt

      Posted Aug-8-2017 By 

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    • Good job on getting the putinbots butthurt. Especially shiningone!

      Posted Jul-2-2017 By 

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    • Subbed!

      Posted Mar-23-2017 By 

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