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I have 4 phones and VERY seldom pay over $100.00 a month. Usually 70-80 Bucks.
Check it out.

If you are like me and loose shit all the time. Buy a TILE and help me get a free one.

Courtesy of Rick50:
"When the Jeep was first built by Ford for the Army it was simply called the GP or General Purpose. GP said quickly sounds like Jeep. That’s how Jeep got its name.
In 1945 the grill was redesigned to have 7 slots to represent all 7 continents the Jeep has been deployed to."

Only in a Jeep.
Jeep there's only one.
It's a Jeep Thing, you wouldn't understand.
Jeep, the Trail Never Ends.
Jeep Makes it's Roads as it Goes.
75% of the Earth Covered by Water, The Rest by Jeep.
Admit it, you've alway been Crazy about Topless Models.

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