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    • A little off on the liberalism thing. I think you meant socialism wich is the far left or close to it. A liberal is a liberal on an issue and may be conservative on another. Goes both ways. it is a relative term not an absolute one. I was really looking forward to your educated list of the various markers on the right/left sliding scale...unfortunately it did not happen in spite of your purported private school credentials.

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      • I disagree, conservatism is reasoned and thoughtful application, it takes work. Liberalism is just the lowest common denominator, the most gutless choice you can make; you see a problem and 'feel' bad about it, and wallah your a caring compassionate liberal.

        Liberalism is a cousin to socialism which is a cousin to communism.

        Take freedom of speech, liberals invented political correctness and the fairness doctrine simply as an affront on speech.

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      • Socialism regards economy, communism regards the economy.

        Liberalism is a philosophy. And I have to disagree about liberalism, ive never been a fan of imperialism, xenophobia, religious zealots (Religion is for the utterly retarded and is the bane to humanity, and if you think it belongs anywhere in our government then you are a imbecile).

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      • Our country was founded on religious principles and just 'happens' to be the greatest nation the human race has ever seen.
        The difference between freedom and liberalism/communism is liberals think that government is the ultimate power and people like me think freedom is a gift from God, NOT THE STATE

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      • Our nation was founded on the basis of religious freedom, where all religion and the lack of it gets equal treatment and no favoring, that means you and your judeo-christian principles will NOT be taught in school to our muliticultural mass, will NOT be in the government, and WILL not be in our daily life.

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      • Thats a half truth.

        Patrick Henry:
        "It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.%u201D [May 1765 Speech to the House of Burgesses]

        John Adams
        Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government More..

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    • Wishing you and yours a Happy Independence Day!

      Thanks for all your comments
      I really appreciate them

      Be Careful this weekend

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    • hey .. did Andy block you too?

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    • ha i wish! Concrete Jungle man... O`ahu

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    • Personal attacks will only get you Blocked!

      You dont know this? :)

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    • AB is a cocksucker. No pun intended!!!

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    • Hey, I took a look at your avvy and just wanted to let you know in Nebraska we have amended our constitution to strike down the very racist law of affirmative action!!! At least that was a tiny win for me this election cycle.

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    • Oh god! I wish bud,i got it from the BBC mate.

      Personally i would love to see mother nature on that scale in action but not when she's showing all her might...:D

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      "Behold, I come quickly"

      Hope you are having a great Friday

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    • AndyBIue: "Personal attacks will only get you Blocked!

      You dont know this? :)"
      Andy blocked me OMG!!!
      Hey, I enjoyed your wicked liberal genious post and thought I'd stop by to subscribe.

      Kind regards

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    • Blessed Resurrection Day wishes jeep dude.
      Peace & happiness to you & yourn.

      .. or secular / judaean equivalent.

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    • Thanks for sharing the lava pix

      I was trying to spot Madame Pele


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    • Real Republicans, take note: There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between "Conservative Republican Values" and "Neo-Conservative Values."

      Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor protecting our civil liberties - Truly American
      Neo-Conservatives: See our civil liberties as an unnecessary restriction on government power.

      Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor a smaller, less intrusive government- Truly American
      Neo-Conservatives: Are Willing to spend money (and expand government reach) without restraint, provided it helps them further th More..

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    • Although we disagree over our politics mate, keep posting and telling me when you disagree! Take care.


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    • All the best to you and your loved ones over the festive period.

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    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

      Sending you some Love and Respect from my family to yours.

      God Bless

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    • I still havent heard one thing that Barack Obama has done , and these libs are bustin on Palin like she's running for the top seat. Quite the distraction I'd say.

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    • I just read the post from American Thinker. Absolutely outstanding. Thanks for posting it.

      Posted Jun-10-2008 By 

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    • Byron. Some contributers to LL have blocked me so I cannot debate with you on interesting threads any more.

      I guess some people are a bit sore after the elections but I hope that the Republican party come back strong in 4 years to test Mr Obamas mettle. I only have greater hopes that Mr Obama can meet those tests.

      All the best.


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    • Howzit?

      Kihei Town here!

      see ya around!

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    • Thanks for your input

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    • Thanks for the comment. Have a good weekend!

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