BostonBakedBean Tinfoil Say....

I find it disgusting that you all use tinfoil to hide your brain waves and thoughts from the people from planet X and the goberment. The pain and humiliation that we have dealt with from the state and society, it is juts not funny, seriously, this video is just not funny. I hope you all see that this hurts. We have very few sane people who we can talk to and deal with in day to day life. I am upset that LL thinks its ok that umbrella head and breaker love are allowed to upload videos that mock people that have this affliction,. I hope that the link between crazy and foil is destroyed and put to rest. I have to go watch Alaskan monsters they are looking for the beaver and otter man I have waited weeks for this. I hope you all understand that this is not funny, at all.

serious the masks the foil, the hemorrhoids not funny. Piia get Duke too draw this. Not the hemorrhoids but you, oh forget it.


Drama Free Zone

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