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    Added: Apr-7-2013 By: Dmanfig

    Unpublished Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention

    Entry Added: May-11-2014 By: Dmanfig

    July 18, 1940

    Members of the Convention:

    In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policiesand principles of government.

    The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it hasfallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.

    The Republican Party has made its nominations this year at the dictation of those who, we all know, always place money ahead of human progress.

    The Democratic Convention, as appears clear from the events of today, is divided on this fundamental issue. Until the Democratic Party through this convention makes overwhelmingly clear its stand in favor of social progress and liberalism, and shakes off all the shackles of control fastened upon it by the forces of conservatism, reaction, and appeasement, it will not continue its march of victory.

    It is without question that certain political influences pledged to reaction in domestic affairs and to appeasement in foreign affairs have been busily engaged behind the scenes in the promotion of discord since this Convention convened.

    Under these circumstances, I cannot, in all honor, and will not, merely for political expediency, go along with the cheap bargaining and political maneuvering which have brought about party dissension in this convention.

    It is best not to straddle ideals.

    In these days of danger when democracy must be more than vigilant, there can be no connivance with the kind of politics which has internally weakened nations abroad before the enemy has struck from without.

    It is best for America to have the fight out here and now.

    I wish to give the Democratic Party the opportunity to make its historic decision clearly and without equivocation. The party must go wholly one way or wholly the other. It cannot face in both directions at the same time.

    By declining the honor of the nomination for the presidency, I can restore that opportunity to the convention. I so do.


    Entry Added: Feb-21-2014 By: Dmanfig

    Just wanted to make a shout out to the LiveLeak community and to all my subscribers, you guys are awesome and I have met a lot of cool friends here thanks to LiveLeak. The Staff here has a real nice ship sailing and ALL the comments on my posts have been priceless. Here is to another 1,000,000 views and to another year on LiveLeak!



    Entry Added: Nov-2-2013 By: Dmanfig

    And now in HD!

    Happy 7th LiveLeak!
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    • Hello everyone. I am new to LL and by the looks of it, this is my number one source for social networking from now on! Im new to uploading videos and all that, mainly because it is very hard to find content that would appease the LL community, I mean, we are redefining the media right??? And though many of my uploads may be too raw for LL, I am pleased with any video LL will let me upload following their terms and, and yes, that is a mund0 with a zero, is a website I ha More..

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    • Thanks for the good comment on my "Pet Attire" video. Subscribed

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    • Good videos subbed man

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    • Thx for the silent sub. I certainly look forward to chatting you up soon. Cheers! :)

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    • Hey there, great post about the axe murder incident, there was info there that I had never seen before. I don't know if you've seen this before, but I did some searching I found a brief clip from the incident in a Chinese documentary (of all places):

      Credit to this guy for finding it:

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    • You need more chatter over here! Hope you are well. :)

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    • Hi there. Thanks for the sub, i returned the favor. You got some nice vids there. Cheers.

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    • Thanks for the sub/comment man. Some good stuff here too. Sub'd ya.

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    • keep posting

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    • Thank you for the Vote-Up!

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    • Thanks for the +1... don't know why I didn't before, but Subbed, and dropped a few thumbs on my visit here :)

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    • Just checking up on things here. Looks like the channel is doing great---hope you are too.

      Catch ya later

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    • Hi, subbed back.
      Water still a little cold on that side of the Atlantic, you only heat the Pacific or what ?, heat the other side for this summer, thx by advance.

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    • May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holiday season, and throughout the year.
      Sincere wishes for a Christmas filled with peace and love.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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      • @Oneirishman MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU TOO BUDDY! You have brought much love and joy to my page and heart and want to say thanks for everything you did to help me feel comfortable when I first joined LL. CHEERS TO YOU Oneirishman!

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      • @Dmanfig 
        HaHa, that's what friends are for. Really...have a good one. ;)

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    • Just stopped in for a peek,nice channel, a lot of good content, and I love your channel backround pic.Cracks me up!

      Oh, subbed you as well,you deserve it for your effort.

      Have a nice weekend.

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    • Hi buddy! How's tricks?

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    • Thax for the sub :)

      Returned the nice gesture.

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    • Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jesus's hard partying brother. Allow me to get your page a round. Cheers!

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    • Just walked right into this channel. Ow.

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    • Thanks Dmanfig, your thumbs are well appreciated! Btw, I love your channel background, it made me laugh! Subbed ^^

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    • Merry christmas, dude! My first subscriber, wishing you and your loved ones all the best.

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    • I keep saying this, you need more chatter over here! How's tricks bud?

      Posted Jun-22-2013 By 

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    • You seem like a Nice guy so I am going to Sub!

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    • Thanks for the sub man. Have a great day. ;)

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    • Dropped by to say hello and drop a couple of thumbs - hope you're doing well :)

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