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  • LL EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Activist Comedian Speaks Out

      Danish Terrorist Killed in Syria
      (Shiraz Tariq on the left, Abu Khattab on the right.) The Danish terrorist Shiraz Tariq, known in Denmark as Abu Musa, was according to sources close to his family, killed in Syria's Latakia pro
      FSA: The Battle of Tafas
      Fatigued by the last months many defeats and setbacks, the FSA turn their anger away from the Syrian government and direct it towards the real reason for the FSA failure: The owner of Allan's Snack Ba
      Insurgent Hiding in Toilet in Homs
      "Mom, there is a rat in our toilet" is a frightening message, but it is important that people who encounter rats do not overreact. A rat emerging in the toilet bowl is likely to be exhausted by
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