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      • Oh zerby. Where do we start-

        Socialism - System of social organization in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social control; also, the political movements aimed at putting that system into practice.
        - Britannica Encyclopedia

        "where-in you depend upon the state for all of your provisions, subsistence and support." - WRONG thats just what you think socialism is.

        I'm not in favour of a totalitariam state, which is what I think you are refering t More..

        Posted Aug-23-2009 By 

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      • I think you are generalizing socialism like all the other Republians on here....

        There many types of socialism... and the basis of socialism is you work, and you get paid for your input on the system.

        It can still be uncontrolled by the government, and still be socialist (meaning the "people" can be the ones who run the businesses, NOT the government)

        Check out the wiki on socialism... like I said there are many different forms of socialism and I think you only are acknowledging one More..

        Posted Jul-20-2010 By 

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    • Hello

      Ill get back to u on this

      Busy with exams.


      Posted Jul-2-2009 By 

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    • Just for the record, i dont think i like you very much.

      Posted Jun-5-2010 By 

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    • Now that was completely uncalled for, you toothless fuckwit. My ID, was my military call sign. Stalker6recon, but that was banned three years ago. So I made a new ID, using the call sign of our snipers. Reaper element. You probably don't know anything about call signs, cause you never served. But most left wing, bbc sucking assholes never do.

      Also, if you think that the "law" makes bbc unbiased, you are more of an idiot than I thought.......

      Posted Jun-8-2010 By 

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    • BTW, sorry your keeper could not hold onto the ball, going about 1km per hour. Love the picture of him laying on the ground, in the fetal position, waiting for his mates to stomp his brains out, as that new ugly ass ball sits triumphantly in the back of the net!

      Cheers mate, USA, 1 point, UK 1 point, but might as well be a zero, cause of the humility of it all.

      Posted Jun-13-2010 By 

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    • Scum? LOL...a little harsh there...cheers.

      Posted May-4-2010 By 

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    • Fat boy shrek had a go at me on my page.
      He knows im right so thats why he blocked me...he hates the truth.

      Posted May-11-2010 By 

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    • Your avatar is rather interesting. Do you mind explaining it because wage slavery is typical the battle cry of true socialists. and you don't strike me as supporter of socialism so just curious.
      Cheers, Comrade Zero

      Posted Jun-5-2010 By 

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      • Its mainly to do with the cost of implementing Neoliberalism. The policy that is being followed by most countries and financial institutions such as the IMF and World Bank. The details of which are too complex to go into in this comment box.

        But to summarize some of these costs-
        -The proposed trickle down effect hasnt happened and it has led to increased inequalities because the wealth created is concentrated at the top, that lead to social unrest (terrorism, narco-trafficking)
        -Has become More..

        Posted Jun-8-2010 By 

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    • you surely meant Gnostic christian , Agnostic christian is a contradiction in terms.

      Posted Apr-15-2011 By 

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    • Yo man that picture isn't the same Bradley manning.

      Posted May-3-2011 By 

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    • If you're not getting payed to be here...

      You could be!


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    • Instant sub for the Putin thumbnail. What a dirty prick he is. Thank God for normal people.

      Posted Mar-6-2014 By 

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    • Your channel is a rare gem. A perfect mix of crisp bare information and fair-balanced analitics. Subbed of course!

      Posted Sep-27-2014 By 

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    • Subscribed :)

      Posted Apr-19-2014 By 

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    • I was going to block you ,but you're such a warmongering nazi idiot:thought i would subscribe and down thumb you.

      Posted Feb-25-2015 By 

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    • Great comments 

      Posted Sep-25-2015 By 

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    • Beautiful channel and comments. Subbed!

      Fuck the Russian trolls.

      Posted Feb-3-2015 By 

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