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    • avatar = ROTF!

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    • dat avatar hahahha

      Posted Jul-17-2013 By 

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    • Best avatar yet! I'm still laughing

      Posted Feb-18-2013 By 

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    • What're you doing with a troll badge by your name?
      So far i've only seen you post smart facts.
      Regarding julian assange,
      I can't believe people think he's a bad guy. Blows me away. Hero of the people.

      Posted Aug-18-2014 By 

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    • Thank you for the VOTE
      Subbed & Cheers,


      Posted Feb-8-2014 By 

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    • I liked your comment on Europe's military spending. Refreshing to see that thinking coming from someone living in Europe and sub'd!

      Posted Mar-21-2015 By 

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    • @-

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    • nice channel. subbed. hello from Israel.

      Posted Sep-27-2015 By 

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    • Why you lie in your blm post. Your fueling a racewar. Idiot

      Posted Sep-30-2016 By 

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    • So on a video about Crimea you posted "If you're fighting to remove invaders from your country, it's not terrorism you Russia fuckwits."

      So the IRA fighting to remove Brits from our country isn't terrorism. Thanks for siding with us. I just wanted to know why the change of heart.

      Posted Aug-20-2016 By 

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      • @pdt89 - Northern Ireland isn't your country, it's ours. Ask the people there, they agree.

        Posted Sep-6-2016 By 

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      • @Finalreminder And the people in east Ukraine and crimea also agree.

        The % of protestands to catholics (a fair way to split them if were being hones) is far smaller than the percentage of ethnic russians to Ukrainians in Crimea. So if we use your logic of asking the people there, the Crimea annexation is more legit than the british occupation and colonisation of the north.

        Do not forget, the North of Ireland was a part of Ireland as a whole, until the British invaded the whole of IReland More..

        Posted Sep-10-2016 By 

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      • @pdt89 - Parliament have said repeatedly, if any country in the Kingdom want's out, all they have to do is call a referendum, and Parliament will honour whatever decision the people make.
        That's democracy.
        Putin invading the Crimea is not democracy. It's not even his country.
        The two are not even comparable.

        Posted Sep-17-2016 By 

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      • @Finalreminder 

        Crimeans had a referendum which was identical to how the British took the northern counties of Ireland.

        A referendum under a foreign military.

        The Russian military was present during the Crimean Referendum. The British military was present during the first one in the North.

        You see how easy it is to break down a typical fanboys mindset. You say the North of Ireland is legitimately under British governance. But Crimea is not legitimately under Russian Governance. Yet More..

        Posted Sep-19-2016 By 

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    • Subbed
      Have a great day.

      Posted Nov-10-2016 By 

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    • Sub!

      Posted Jan-30-2016 By 

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