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    • Great Blue Heron

      Great Blue Heron

      Huge fight between 2 Great Blue Herons. I had to trim the video down cause of max size. The larger of the 2 birds drowned the other in addition to brutal pecking to death. I wonder now if i should ha

      By: Jaykillzz | Comments: 21 | Views: 2107 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 0
      Location: Florida, United States | Leaked: Sep-9-2011 in WTF

    • Cannon Fail

      Cannon Fail



      Something tells me he's not able to hear all the laughter going on around him.

      By: Fire37Rescue | Comments: 87 | Views: 71695 | Votes: 8 | Shared: 125
      Location: Netherlands | Leaked: Apr-21-2011 in Other Entertainment

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