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  • Blog 'US policy is to not defend Canada. Now it is up to Canadians.'
    Added: 9 days ago By: Jb0713

    Canada had it all in the 1950's. A charter member of the Nuclear club, our own rocket and satellite program, our own Jet aircraft industry, a military large enough to defend Canada, a Navy able to patrol the worlds longest coastline.

    Canada had already built the first nuclear reactor outside of the United States in 1945, one month after the world became aware of the Nuclear age, predating both Britain and Russia who had yet to build their first. In 1950 that same reactor was upgraded to produce 50X more power. The ZEEP NRU reactor would give Canada the data needed to open one of the worlds first Nuclear power plants in 1962. In 1950 Canada was a charter member of the most powerful club in the world, an elite club with only 5 members and even after half a century has less than 10 members.

    April 18th 1950 a Canadian designed and built Passenger Jetliner carried the worlds first Jet airmail, 7yrs ahead of Boeing's first passenger jet. The Jetliner would set so many records and firsts that the Canadian Crew was given a ticket tape parade hosted by the Mayor of New York on their first visit to New York city. By 1950 Canada was already building Canada's first Jet fighter that would leap frog other jet fighters in it's technology and ability.

    Canada had one of the largest and most advanced military in the world. Thanks to Nuclear Weapons, and our own weapons, rocket, and jet programs Canada was easily able to defend it's lands, three oceans, air and space from all military threats, including the most fearsome Russia, with it's communist hoards poised to invade as the Red Scare promised.

    And then Canada threw it all away. Shut down all major military programs, cut the military budget to almost nothing, stopped buying Canadian made major military products, and began to enter into endless military agreements that would see the dismantling of a Canadian military and an integration of our remaining military with the USA military.

    Canadians know about the Arrow because the government needs a lighting rod and has used that single military program to distract from the many other programs and actions that neutered Canada, actions that continue to this day.

    Just recently Canada gave up even more sovereignty by signing multiple border service "sharing" agreements. Agreements that give U.S. enforcement agencies the ability to act inside Canada to enforce U.S. law. Agreements that give U.S. agents open access to Canadian databases with information on Canadians, including access to CPIC our police database.

    The majority of Canadians have rejected the Canadian dream promised by Confederation and have stood by and said nothing, did nothing, other than to continue to vote in Liberal and Conservative federal governments, even while Canada's sovereignty was sold as cheap as Canadian resources.

    When challenged Canadians would respond that the USA would defend Canada, the USA monitors Canadian lands seas air and space via NORAD, the USA will protect our borders after all that's what we agreed to.

    Weak kneed Canadians would point to NORAD and say that was the purpose of NORAD. They would point out that a Canadian commands NORAD on a rotational basis with American commanders. They would point that out as if they were unaware that the American military and politicians had been assured that should anything significant occur while a Canadian was in command, he would quickly be replaced by an American. Americans have been assured that the US military would never answer to orders from a foreign power and certainly not a protectorate of the USA. But no high ranking, American or Canadian, official has ever confirmed such a violation of the agreement was part of American plans, at least the CBC isn't reminding Canadians of it. ,

    Until now.

    From the National Post (an "alt right" "nazi" "Canadian" paper so you'll have to search CBC for it's real fake news): a House of Commons defence committee, specially convened to consider the thorny problem that is North Korea, was so memorable.

    Honourable members were stumped by the testimony of Lt. Gen. Pierre St-Amand, the Canadian who serves as deputy commander of North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) in Colorado Springs.

    Conservative MP James Bezan asked St-Amand whether he agreed with the common Canadian perception that the Americans would shoot down an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile heading for a Canadian city, even though Canada is not a participant in the U.S.’s ballistic missile defence program. His response jolted the committee members from their late-summer stupor.

    “I’m being told in Colorado Springs that U.S. policy is not to defend Canada. That’s fact I can bring to the table,” he said.

    Here is where I'll go a little off the Rez because this is Liveleak and not my main blog, where I will censor this part.


    To those Canadians that said Canada was a peacekeeping nation, FUCK YOU! Canada never was, that wasn't the reason we Confederated, peacekeepers are weaklings on the international stage, Canada's PM didn't get the Nobel Prize because Canada was weak and easily ignored.

    To those Canadians saying that Canada needs a protector, fuck you! We had our own military, one of the largest in the world, reporting to Canadian commanders, able to defend Canada with the latest military hardware made in Canada. Canada doesn't need a protector, Canada Confederated to ensure we didn't need a protector because as Canada in the 1800's learned protectors are rarely there when you need them. WWI and WWI showed that having a protector does not mean shit when shit hits the fan.

    To those Canadians saying Canada needs to have the Canadian economy "integrated" with the American economy, needs Americans to buy and own our industries, that the world does not want or need our resources, fuck you! Canadians have more valuable natural resources per capita than any other nation, we do not need foreign powers owning our industries or resources. You fucking cowards, today Canadians buy their own oil and gasoline in USD. Even after seeing the price of gasoline at Canadian pumps go up because of a declining dollar, and jump up due to a hurricane thousands of miles away in a foreign country Canadians still believe that is best for them.

    Canadians are so fucking stupid most of them believe there are no customers other than the USA that would want oil, metals, minerals and sure as hell wouldn't want anything made and built in Canada with those resources. How fucking stupid can voters get, and generation after generation to boot.

    To those that still agree with Arthur Lowe a Canadian historian and Liberal that "attempting to develop along east-west lines of great thinly populated distances, instead of along the lines of natural north-south flow" I say flow south. That's where you want to be, get the fuck out, the rest of us want to build a Nation of Note. Notice that Lowe's "Nationalism" was little more than domination of Ontario and Quebec over all Confederation. Liberals think that's nationalism. Fuck that nationalism, it got us here.

    To those that suggest Canada is too weak, too small, to develop the technology and managerial skills to have our own governments and systems developing our own products with our own Canadian funded entrepreneurship, I ask: Why is Canada alone, out of all modern and "developing" nations the only one that should not be able or allowed to develop? Why the fuck does Canada send money to other nations to help them grow while Canada is not willing to allow Canadians the same opportunities? Why are Canadian resources priced in a foreign currency for Canadian citizens for gods sake?

    To those that suggest Canada is too few and too weak next to a superpower to be an independent country I say fuck off. If you are going to fight against Canada at least do it with a different passport, I would suggest an American one but so many Canadians have roots elsewhere that may not be your first choice. Canada Confederated to take on the U.S., that is the very point of Canada, you cowardly selfish fucks.

    History is complete with multiple smaller independent nations living side by side with superpowers. A task that is even easier in an age where technology can make nations equal regardless of how overpopulated they are. Only the most fearful and weak can suggest Canada doesn't have the resources to be independent. Look around the world, so many other nations are doing so much more with so much less and with far less peaceful neighbours. Canadians suggesting we can't be independent should be ashamed and BTW GTFO.

    Even if I've just told you to fuck off, get out, and for some reason you are still reading, that doesn't mean you have to remain weak, and fearful, believing every myth told to you by the Canadian government, by CBC.

    The USA is not going to defend Canada. It has been said many many times for many many years but ignoring it now is doing so at the peril of Canada and Canadians.

    Some of our highest ranking officials are saying it openly because it has been known for so long it isn't even an open secret. It's just a fact. Those in the military know that fact and try to deal with it best they can, but even they feel they have to point it out because no one is listening.

    Now is the time to stop thinking your defense is taken care of. Now is the time to stop believing in the myths you've been told. To continue believing in those myths now is delusional. Our highest officials are now saying openly, yet again, that the USA cannot be counted on to defend Canada. Sure the retractions are sure to follow, just as they have in the past, but you know the truth.

    Those believing that integration of our economy, military, and border services meant more security for Canada can no longer rational belief, think or claim it. When push comes to shove, and history shows us that it always does, Canada will be little more than fodder, a pawn in a larger game. It doesn't have to be that way.

    Start speaking out, stop voting Liberal, Conservative, or NDP. Start demanding more from your province. That is where I think we should start is at the provincial levels by renewing Confederation, but where we start is not as important as starting. Delay has only made things worst.

    Look at where we were and how long it is going to take to get back to those points, points at which Canada and Canadians begin taking responsibility for Canada. Consider how difficult it is going to be just to regain our own resources, the ability to buy our resources in our own currency, the currency with which we get paid and pay taxes. Then consider how unequal and unfair Confederation is, how much it depends on Alberta and how little many members contribute.

    I think we need to renegotiate Confederation first, Alberta cannot afford to fund Canada's defense by itself and demanding they do will likely result in renegotiation anyway but the only thing we know for sure is we cannot continue as is.

    Canadians have been told, there is no defense of Canada should it be needed. Will you be the generation that failed when they knew the consequences of not changing course?

    EDIT: This rant will be edited later, right now I'm being told to stop writing and get to work, so I'll be back to knock it down, clean it up, and censor before posting it to my main blog.

    Recall the last time?

    Entry Added: 9 days ago By: Jb0713

    There was a similar revelation made a few decades ago. I can't recall when but back then it was an American official that pointed out the USA would only act to defend Canada as it suited the USA.

    CBC was quick to deny and tell Canadians that wasn't really the case but you have to be rather stupid to think other Nations are going to put the defense of anyone else ahead of their own. Yet that is excatly what most Canadians think, if they think about it all.
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    • Europe is not your concern. Let us live our lives the way we want to. Do not impede on our rights to determine our destiny. How many muslims live in your streets?

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      • @ois_oarsch Lots of Muslims in my area and Europe is everyone's concern, as is the USA. This is the 21st century. No nation lives as an island, the spread of modern Islam shows that, as does the American NSA surveillance of your digital activities which include phone calls and anything else they can grab.

        BTW I could have referred to European history and the response to pleas from people around the world to not have Europeans impede their right to determine their own destiny but I thought th More..

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      • @ois_oarsch You dont believe that horseshit do you?

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      • @martinmax96 Thank you, a person is often best measured by who his enemies are.

        And that mine include those who would rather die than think is not a bad thing.

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    • You have interesting blogs,open them up for get dialogue started and see where it goes ;)

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    • You have a good understanding of Canadian politics, your posts are informative and speak the truth. Im on board.

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    • Good day sir.

      Your well thought out comments and blogs are both easy to read and understand. Although, I don't always agree with your insights and observations, the facts you present are food for thought.


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      • @How do you like me so far 

        Agreement is not always a good thing, it tends to make one lazy when it comes to thoughts and ideas. So feel free to post even when you do not agree, it is how steel can sharpen steel.

        And those of us in Canada need to be on edge. The Confederation isn't stable, our protector is starting to sneeze, there are many changes in our cultures and economy and in the world. These are interesting times.

        And we are the lucky ones living in Canada. Cheers!

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    • I came here out of delirium, still made my way to friendly waters...

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      Blocking itself is a good idea.

      Particularly if you are not comfortable having your ideas challenged. If you get upset when you discover the world does not agree or has different ideas, and you cannot defend your own ideas I think blockin More..

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    • Hey, are you still alive? where is my weekly informative Candian blog lol? anyway hope you are doing good

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