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  • Blog 'Canada, closer ties to the usa? Can Canada still be a sovereign nation? '
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    "We know that by working together, by ensuring the continued effective integration of our two economies we are going to be creating greater opportunities for middle-class Canadians and Americans now and well into the future." Justin Trudeau on his first meeting with President Trump 2017.

    Continued economic integration? How could that possibly create greater opportunities for Canada, and in particular middle class Canadians, the very class being lost as a result of Canada's already existing trade agreements?

    Consider where Canada is today after decades of closer economic ties. In 2016 Canada exported about half a trillion dollars worth of goods, mostly raw resources or as raw as they could be. Can't get much rawer than oil, logs and electricity but some have value added.

    Of the $521B in Canadian exports, $392B or 75% went to one market, the USA. About 65% of all Canadian imports are from the USA.

    The next largest is the European market, a collection of many markets whose economy is larger than the USA. Yet our exports to the EU are a paltry $42B, (08% of total exports) which is less than a tenth of our exports to the USA. We import about $52B from the EU. China is a distant third with Canada exporting $22B (04% of total exports) and importing $38B from China.

    The whole world, the majority of the worlds other markets and economies make up less than 15% of Canada's exports.

    Canada effectively exports to a single market, the market of our protectorate.

    Canada's borders are not defended by Canadians. Our borders are defended by the American military. We have "integrated" our military so completely that intrusions into our land, air and sea that require a military response are handled by the USA. Of course the Canadian media does not report the origins of the aircraft scrambled to intercept aircraft (unless from Canada), nor do they point out how the aircraft were tracked and targeted but that information is still available.

    That the American's are handling Canada's border responsibilities is obvious when Canada's whole Pacific Fleet is shore-bound due to lack of tankers and the ability to refuel at sea. Even with a rented refueling tanker Canada's navy is far too small to effectively patrol or respond along the worlds longest coastline.

    Canada has even "integrated" border services, giving a foreign country access to Canadian databases including CPIC. American agencies track Canadians international movements, even their interaction with local police.

    Canada today is a protectorate with what is effectively a 1st stage economy dependent on the export of raw resources and the import of developed products from a single market, the market of our protectorate.

    If we were talking about any other country that was so militarily dominated by a country 10X the size and 100X the paranoia that even the border services were "shared" and who traded only with their protectorate would you consider them sovereign? Could you consider any of their policies to be of their choice? Could their elections be considered open and free of foreign influence?


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    Entry Added: 7 days ago By: Jb0713

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