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    • Hey, I was wondering if you'd like to speak with me? I'm a reporter at The Mirror and have just seen this video. I think it's absolutely disgusting and would like to expose the care home. Please call me on 02072933247 or send me your number and I'll ring you. Thanks, Scarlet

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    • Im DSW in Ottawa and the way your so called staff treat the residents is just disgusting! Ive seen some pretty horrible shit go on in my 13 years as a DSW. I worked for 2 years at the last Institution in Ontario. The closed it down and moved all the residents out into the community. To group homes. Which are just small i stitutions. They said the residents would have more choices and rights in the community. Most of these people had lived at Rideau Regional Center for over 59 years. It w More..

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    • Hello, I believe you need to go the authorities with this. You are brave to record this but you also need to report it. I worked for many years with people that have disabilities and there is a lot of abuse but this is beyond the pale. I did a similar thing (reported abuse) and it's the best thing you can do.

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    • So just out of curiosity, did anything ever come from the undercover camera work you did?

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