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    • Putin's pathetic propaganda fail

      Putin's pathetic propaganda fail

      Russian scum propaganda fail. Recently shown here on LL. Those photos are from Russian movie "We're from the future" shooting set. Taken on 5 November 2011 . Used without permission, by Putin's pr

      By: Kunta__Kinte | Comments: 34 | Views: 1333 | Votes: 8 | Shared: 0
      Location: Ukraine | Leaked: Jun-8-2014 in Ukraine

    • There is a city.

      There is a city.

      Once a year on august 1st, the people of Warsaw pay homage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The biggest rebellion against German Nazi occupation du

      By: Kunta__Kinte | Comments: 14 | Views: 859 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 0
      Location: Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland | Leaked: Aug-1-2012 in Other

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