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    Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

    Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

    Season's Greetings.

    Entry Added: Dec-24-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    Greetings LiveLeakers!

    On behalf of myself and all the team behind LiveLeak I would like to wish you and your loved ones a VERY MERRY CHIRSTMAS and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. No matter how you celebrate, or even if you don't, I hope you can enjoy the holidays and get time to spend with those you care about.

    Have fun, don't drink too much, and may all your gifts not be socks. Unless you want socks I guess, in which case each to their own. It's boots off for me for a few days which will be nice.

    All the very best,

    Hayden and all the team at LL.
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    The argument that never ends.

    Entry Added: Nov-26-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    False equivalence, it's the basis of one of the most popular arguments on LiveLeak. It goes something like this:

    "You show videos of people dying but you have a problem with **insert whichever of our rules the person broke**? You're hypocrites!"

    It's a terrible argument which makes no sense whatsoever unless you're actually trying to justify a rather overblown sense of entitlement. The whole purpose of LiveLeak is to show media, everything from grotesque acts of violence through to whatever non-offensive, viral, tat people are enjoying on any given day. That's what we're here for.

    Believe it or not showing much of this media is difficult. It often involves a juggling act of immense proportions when it comes to monetising the site and making it self sustaining. It costs a staggering amount to keep LL online and therefore revenue must be generated.

    Right now we have a balance. We host and show a lot of very strong media and have commenting rules which don't forbid any opinion whatsoever.

    Now, I understand to some freedom of speech involves saying anything they want without consequences but real life often fails to pan out that way so we've asked our members to simply omit racial slurs. You'd be amazed at how difficult it gets when comments are overrun by giddy losers determined to leave racial slurs everywhere. Granted, you CAN allow it all but then you have porn ads (real porn ads, not dating ones), and "sponsored" content showing great stuff like fake rape videos. Then you can watch your traffic tank and you've all of a sudden failed to deliver on what the entire point of your site was just to appease people too ignorant, foolish, and entitled enough to work with us.

    My other favourite is this "They say **insert slur of choice** in that video so why can't I say it on the site? You're hypocrites!".

    People do many things in videos we'd ban you for doing and posting. Why do you want to be like ignorant or dangerous people in the videos? Are they your role models? This argument is so incredibly naive I actually find it a bit embarrassing.

    Naturally there are also accusations of our rules being born out of political correctness. Those accusations showcase such a depth of stupidity considering what we show and allow on here I actually have to hire people to facepalm for me when I read them. Come on guys, you can do better!

    At the end of it all our rules are about keeping a site online which can show insane and often disturbing media whilst allowing commenting that doesn't protect any group, religion, or political view.

    I know this sort of thing keeps popping up in the blogs but we see members championing the morons trying these arguments and breaking our rules intentionally but at the same time complaining that they care about the site. The irony is not lost on me.

    We'll always have people making loads of accounts because their butthurt (and cowardice) is monumental in scope. We'll always have members falling out with each other en masse and then breaking the rules before justifying it with "but I'm right". We'll always have people hammering VPN's and the like because we won't randomly block VPN IP's as the majority of people use them legitimately. We won't choke our sign up process, we won't ask for more personal information, and we'll never give a toss what your personal politics are or whether they don't align with ours.

    Our rules protect the site. If you continuously break them, post hardcore porn spam, make multiple accounts to harass others e.t.c. then all you're really doing is hurting the platform because it won't work exactly how YOU want and the issue there is YOU aren't all that special because LL will never work for one person. Not you, not me, not the person demanding others are banned because they didn't like something someone else said.

    I know this won't stop anyone or change anyone's mind. That's cool. It's just good to get it out in the open and point out some behaviours which make keeping LL rolling even harder.

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    "You call that redefining the media???"

    Entry Added: Oct-23-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    When a member is complaining about a type of media or uploader on the site there's often one question that's tacked on the end, I guess people think of it as their coup de grace before they indulge in a victory moonwalk. It's usually a derivative of the following:

    "You call that redefining the media?"

    My answer is always the same as well.


    One of the interesting aspects of being part of running a site like LL is that you have thousands of experts on tap to tell you just how wrong you're getting it and how much better / more successful it would be if only we'd follow the explicit advice of a car parts salesman from Ohio. Now, I know that sounds dismissive but, believe it or not, we always pay attention to members, even when they're clearly scoring points because you never know what you might have missed. Thing is, we don't always act on it and that, apparently, makes people jolly cross. One bone of contention in these things is often the media we feature.

    Here's the deal on that. There is a LOT of media on LL I won't watch. Quite a lot I have no interest in, and more than you'd think where if LL was solely run to my tastes wouldn't get within a million miles of the site. But what I like doesn't, and never should, come into. The same goes for the mods and admins and the guys who pick features.

    By the same token the featured media list will almost never make each and every one of you happy. That's impossible. And whilst I realise some of you are convinced we'd be best served solely catering to you we're not too sure.

    The front page is a shop window of sorts. It shows a variety of "goods" and attracts people into the store where the more esoteric "merchandise" can be found. It generates traffic which in turn helps generate income allowing the site to remain online. Sometimes uploaders and specific media are chosen because we know it will allow us to reach people other media wouldn't therefore allowing more people access to LL and a certain percentage of those people will return.

    It's not a "favourite media" list but rather media which might be breaking news, might be harmless fluff, or might just reach out to an audience we can't traditionally reach.

    Over the last decade it has, along with generating complaints, served us well. Now, I realise that means nothing to some of you who just want to log in and somehow be presented with only media you'll really love without having to look for it but LL isn't like that, it isn't built on that model. There is so much amazing media which never gets anywhere near the front page but that doesn't mean it's hard to seek out. Just browse and enjoy the ride.

    With so many viewers each month there's pretty much something for everyone on here. We can't cater for every taste but there's probably an uploader who will. Don't watch media you don't like the sound of, don't patronise uploaders you don't approve of, just find the stuff you enjoy and make the most of it.

    Oh, and redefining the media? No single piece of media does that anymore. Historically there are only a few occasions when any single piece of media could claim that distinction.

    Comment accordingly folks, hope all's well with you guys.

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