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    Added: Dec-8-2011 By: LL_Hayden

    Welcome to the official LiveLeak blog. In here we'll be posting about developments, issues, and anything else related to the site.

    "You call that redefining the media???"

    Entry Added: Oct-23-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    When a member is complaining about a type of media or uploader on the site there's often one question that's tacked on the end, I guess people think of it as their coup de grace before they indulge in a victory moonwalk. It's usually a derivative of the following:

    "You call that redefining the media?"

    My answer is always the same as well.


    One of the interesting aspects of being part of running a site like LL is that you have thousands of experts on tap to tell you just how wrong you're getting it and how much better / more successful it would be if only we'd follow the explicit advice of a car parts salesman from Ohio. Now, I know that sounds dismissive but, believe it or not, we always pay attention to members, even when they're clearly scoring points because you never know what you might have missed. Thing is, we don't always act on it and that, apparently, makes people jolly cross. One bone of contention in these things is often the media we feature.

    Here's the deal on that. There is a LOT of media on LL I won't watch. Quite a lot I have no interest in, and more than you'd think where if LL was solely run to my tastes wouldn't get within a million miles of the site. But what I like doesn't, and never should, come into. The same goes for the mods and admins and the guys who pick features.

    By the same token the featured media list will almost never make each and every one of you happy. That's impossible. And whilst I realise some of you are convinced we'd be best served solely catering to you we're not too sure.

    The front page is a shop window of sorts. It shows a variety of "goods" and attracts people into the store where the more esoteric "merchandise" can be found. It generates traffic which in turn helps generate income allowing the site to remain online. Sometimes uploaders and specific media are chosen because we know it will allow us to reach people other media wouldn't therefore allowing more people access to LL and a certain percentage of those people will return.

    It's not a "favourite media" list but rather media which might be breaking news, might be harmless fluff, or might just reach out to an audience we can't traditionally reach.

    Over the last decade it has, along with generating complaints, served us well. Now, I realise that means nothing to some of you who just want to log in and somehow be presented with only media you'll really love without having to look for it but LL isn't like that, it isn't built on that model. There is so much amazing media which never gets anywhere near the front page but that doesn't mean it's hard to seek out. Just browse and enjoy the ride.

    With so many viewers each month there's pretty much something for everyone on here. We can't cater for every taste but there's probably an uploader who will. Don't watch media you don't like the sound of, don't patronise uploaders you don't approve of, just find the stuff you enjoy and make the most of it.

    Oh, and redefining the media? No single piece of media does that anymore. Historically there are only a few occasions when any single piece of media could claim that distinction.

    Comment accordingly folks, hope all's well with you guys.

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    Entry Added: Sep-4-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    It's a question I get asked quite a lot. When I ask what they'd have me do the inevitable reply is "BAN THEM ALL PERMANENTLY" and when I try to address why I believe that is not only fruitless but also wrong they invariably get annoyed. Of course, the folks who can't use racial slurs on the site invariably get annoyed too but we've spoken enough about those guys.

    I believe no opinion should be censored. No opinion should see you refused the ability to post or comment on LiveLeak. And so far that's been the case. That being said I also believe in our right to put rules in place which both protect the site and protect our ability to ensure no opinion is censored. That's not so easy.

    We don't ask for your personal information. We don't ask that you avoid any particular topic. We don't care who you hate, love, or cannot tolerate. Yes, as individuals we might disagree with you entirely. We might believe that you are ignorant or foolish but we made our promise and have to defend that choice daily, sometimes in the glare of the media spotlight.

    We know that allowing people to voice certain things on here make life harder and less commercially viable, we know our sign up system is open to abuse by those childish buffoons making multiple accounts in revenge at being too idiotic to follow our rules or respect anything bar their narrow minded opinion. We know what could make LL far more commercially viable. But we have this thing, you know? We actually believe that simply silencing people solves nothing whatsoever, we believe silencing opinion is a never ending process which would be hijacked by the far left and turned into some demented, Online, pogrom against any opinion that doesn't toe the PC line. We believe in what we're doing and the price of that is that it gives ignorant people the same right to be heard as everyone else.

    You will see things on LL you don't like, things that offend you. There will be comments which are ignorant, offensive, crass, and abusive. Until the stranglehold of the Internet is complete we intend to carry on as we are too because it's these things which ensure YOUR opinion can be heard. That's how it works, there's a price for everything after all.

    For those of you screaming bullshit at your monitor and planning yet another account. You weren't censored for your opinion, you were censored or had your account limited for breaking the rules. That's on you. We never promised to be all things to all people and I have no more right to demand you are silenced everywhere than you have a right to demand you're allowed to do anything you like here.

    If you dig the site at all, help us, work with us, criticise and be constructive. When you're abusive or outright stupid you'll just find yourself getting more annoyed and pretending to "LOL" whilst making yet another account. Oh yeah, and don't bother sending me a message about your ad-blocker or how many accounts you make, it doesn't annoy or interest me.

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    Anonymity and cowardice.

    Entry Added: Aug-11-2017 By: LL_Hayden

    On the show I spoke about this issue and, as usual, a member has cherry picked aspects from it in order to do a spot of finger pointing of their own. I find it an interesting topic so I decided why not have a blog on it?

    I cherish your anonymity on LiveLeak. I fully appreciate that people don't want to risk any form of fallout for airing their views. And that's exactly how it should be. There's a good reason we don't harvest personal information from members, we believe you have a right to as much privacy as we can provide (IP information e.t.c. is pretty much out of our hands as you know). It's a cornerstone of LiveLeak. Without it I believe we'd be far the lesser site than we've managed.

    So I do not believe you are a coward for wanting anonymity. Not everyone should want to be a martyr, that's just stupid. Live your life, have your views. Contrary to what some folks who break the rules then cry about us claim I cherish all of your views, even the ones I think are pig ignorant or moronic. Some of you might even have heard me defending your right to be as such in the media. I think it's important.

    So why did I mention anonymity and cowardice in the same sentence? Simple, when people who enjoy anonymity start calling those who put themselves out there cowards simply because they don't act or believe as you wish I have to wonder why, if you feel that strongly you'd insult others for not being passionate enough in your beliefs, you don't stand up yourself.

    The argument I hear from people like this is always the same. "I could lose my job", "I could lose my family", "I could be in legal trouble", "someone might try to hurt me". All possibly true. But when you truly believe in something you can't have your cake and eat it. You can't stand up for something that goes against the grain and not expect to have your life turned upside down. It doesn't work that way. But if you're so passionate you demand others to behave as you wish shouldn't you stand up and be counted? Those are the people I accuse of cowardice.

    Enjoy your anonymity, enjoy your life, have whatever opinions or beliefs you like. I'll do whatever is within my limited ability to help and if what you want is outside of what we allow I'll cheerlead you all the way should decide to do your own site. Just because we don't allow or like something doesn't mean we think you shouldn't be allowed to do it anywhere else. But don't demand others risk what you aren't willing to. Don't demand people behave how you wish you could if only you weren't concerned you'd have to suffer discomfort for voicing your beliefs. Those are the actions of a coward.

    I don't think I'm better than you because I went my own way. Not in the least. I made my choices, they were mine, and I'm in no position whatsoever to tell you what choices to make. But, I don't tend to tell you that you're not extreme enough in your views, nor do I tell you not to have your views.

    Oh there's one other aspect to this. We all know the noose is slowly tightening on the net, we all know the future is uncertain and, at best, it will be a bumpy ride. If you use your anonymity to break laws, if you use it to do nothing but abuse people beyond simple trolling, you are helping those who will destroy the net we love. I know that won't stop some of you, but I'll keep defending your ability - no matter how I disagree with you - until it's gone so far that nobody can anymore.

    Those are my views on anonymity online. And long may you continue to enjoy it.
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