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    • So yahoo reports that Afghanistan violence is at its highest since 2001, and where is Matt Sanchez in all of this? Okay I hope, but lets hear a real story Matt.

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    • jonhoward: "So Matt I gather by your website here on LiveLeak that your pro Iraq Occupation, so therefore you must also be be pro Bush.

      American and Australian forces should end the occupation and bring the troops home, or redeploy them to Afghanistan.

      The war on Terror should be fought in Afghanistan, not on the people of Iraq."
      being pro iraqi occupation does' certainly not mean pro bush. very subjective there.

      Posted Oct-23-2007 By 

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    • All respect for being a fellow soldier, put please man, pluck your head out of Uncle Sam's butt, we aint' perfect and you know it.

      Posted Dec-10-2007 By 

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    • If you don't like certain people talking trash on your videos you can ban them from commenting on your vids.

      Posted Jun-27-2007 By 

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    • Yea... why are they not here?

      Posted Jun-19-2007 By 

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    • great job. Hope to see more of you as a reporter when you get out.

      Posted Jul-20-2007 By 

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    • The propaganda machine at its worst...

      Posted Jul-21-2007 By 

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    • on intervene's wall:
      Quoted comment by Mattsanchez: puppet
      regime? You're not even American what in the hell
      do you know? What a freak.
      is a comment like that supposed to tell the rest of the world that we have no business in world affairs or what?
      i don't know what you were responding to, but comments are here for all to see - so since i'm not american, i'm stupid.
      am i at least smart enough to recognise stupid when i see it?

      i bel More..

      Posted Sep-22-2007 By 

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    • They seem to be working now! Welcome to Live Leak!

      Posted Jun-20-2007 By 

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    • Welcome to the Leak dude! Cheers!

      Posted Jun-20-2007 By 

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    • There's some Mass National Guardsmen over there in Afghanistan now. If ya see any, tell 'em GO SOX!
      Watch your wallet too.

      Posted Jul-30-2007 By 

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    • Canada, the only country that can't say what they are, but will quickly tell you what they are not: American.

      The Military Might?


      According to critics in the media and the politicians pretending to care for the welfare of the troops, support for the Afghan Mission is failing around the globe. Canada has lost 66 soldiers in five years and they're already crying uncle. Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister, initially refused to leave the urban stronghold of Kabul, where International forces have set up a beer garden and a nice wooden replica of the Roman Coliseum. More..

      Posted Oct-12-2007 By 

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    • Your doing a great Job! Please keep it up! God Bless!

      Posted Jun-22-2007 By 

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    • Cool. Keep posting, man. Good see stuff from someone with the grunts. Peace......

      Posted Jul-31-2007 By 

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    • keep safe

      Posted Aug-2-2007 By 

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    • Stopping by to say hello

      How have you been?
      Hope all is well


      Posted Oct-25-2007 By 

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    • Stopping by to say Thank YOU! Keep Up the Great Work! Your doing Everone a Great Service! God Bless You! Stay Safe!!!!!

      Posted Aug-3-2007 By 

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    • "Many IEDs fail. "

      Yeah thats ashame. :)
      So tell me how does it feel to be or was part of the illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq?

      Posted Nov-2-2007 By 

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    • can you get access to any of saddams tunnels or bunkers? i've seen a few vids but nothin comprehensive. would love vids of that.

      Posted Jun-25-2007 By 

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    • Stay safe and good luck, keep up the good work.

      BTW give my love to Ann next time you see her. ;)

      Posted Aug-5-2007 By 

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    • Awsome Vids Mr.Sanchez its good to see videos that really show how it is in Iraq/Afghanistan not sugar coated that the media show cant wait to inlist on 2008.

      Posted Aug-6-2007 By 

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    • Mr Sanchaz:-

      The Iraq War is an illegal war.
      Fought for Oil, and we all know it. (Australian's Defence Minister Brendon Nelson even said so, said the war on Iraq was about OIL)
      America and all her allies should leave now.
      Iraq will not fall apart if we leave, Vietnam did not. Australia didnt become Communist, the Domino Theory was a lie, McNamera and Westmoreland where both wrong.

      The war on the people of Iraq is an WAR CRIME and anyone that engages in it or promotes it is an War Criminal. t More..

      Posted Nov-15-2007 By 

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    • Hello Matt Sanchez. Good vids.

      Posted Jun-26-2007 By 

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