I'm fiscally/economically conservative and socially progressive. What that basically translates to, is:

If you're someone who looks forward to "freebies",..."handouts",...and/or....you "take pride" in abusing the systems that were designed to provide TEMPORARY HELP to my fellow-Americans who are....TEMPORARILY down on their luck, (eg. food stamps, welfare, etc.), then I pretty much perceive you as the EPITOME of the word(s),...PIECE OF SHIT!! As for the socially progressive aspect, I pretty much don't care:

if you're a dude who SWEARS that he's a girl
who or what you like to sleep with (legally)
what race/creed/color/etc. you identify with

....so long as you ain't bothering me or my loved ones, AND,...you're not (essentially) taking $$$ out of our pockets or food out of our mouthes in the process,...I ain't got nothin' again ya'. DO...YOU!

Keep both of these points in mind, and we'll get along, JUST...FINE!! Cheers!!

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