PvtMadnage - Bro Matthew

Matthew Groen, Netherlands (Nederland), Wolvega
Born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
Vile creature brought to repentance
Saved by Grace Through Faith (Jun.30th '17)

- Biblical Godhead (anti babylonian 3-person trinity)
- Repentance to salvation
- Changed life after salvation (new birth)
- Free gift (not of works)
- Grace through faith
- Calling upon the name of the Lord
- Geocentr Earth
- Pre-trib
- Pre-millenial
- Anti-replacement theology
- Dispensational
- KJB (Cambridge)
- Eternal Security
- Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh
- Non-Conformist

Are You Saved?
If you don't know for sure that you're saved, please settle this issue permanently.
Satan doesn't want you to accept God's gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven.
He wants to drag you in Hell, and the time for you to make a decision on your eternal destiny grows short.
The time comes when God will no longer offer his gift of eternal life.
Making no decision is the same as rejecting God, and choosing to spend eternity in Hell

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