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    • Truck crashes into tree.

      Truck crashes into tree.



      Caught on my side security camera. Fedex truck was driving with right of way through an intersection in front of my house. A pickup in the opposite lane made a hard left at the intersection in front o

      By: Raziz | Comments: 61 | Views: 38457 | Votes: 11 | Shared: 3
      Leaked: May-20-2016 in WTF

    • Crazy white trash Welland road rager.

      Crazy white trash Welland road rager.



      This happened less than an hour ago. My wife was driving to Shoppers Drug Mart when a tailgating Jeep was attacked by some fat slob in a Suburban and his skanky daughter. Pretty crazy shit for such a

      By: Raziz | Comments: 528 | Views: 90849 | Votes: 22 | Shared: 461
      Location: San Francisco, California, United States | Leaked: Mar-7-2016 in WTF, Vehicles, Other Items from Liveleakers, Other

    • My crazy neighbour.

      My crazy neighbour.



      This is my first upload! **A little backstory** We all have bad neighbours... Mine are just a little worse than most. This lady has been giving me issues for 4 months since she's moved in. She has

      By: Raziz | Comments: 743 | Views: 142127 | Votes: 26 | Shared: 86
      Location: Ontario, Canada | Leaked: Jul-4-2015 in WTF

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