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  • Blog 'LiveLeak Announcements'
    Added: Aug-29-2016 By: RickBond

    An American Dad

    Entry Added: 9 hours ago By: RickBond

    An American Dad deleted on Feb 20.
    His parting words: I am leaving LL. It's been a pleasure.

    LiveLeak is Broken?

    Entry Added: 2 days ago By: RickBond

    I'm back after a break. My message counter indicates I have many messages but I can't view any of them.
    If you've left me a message that I haven't replied to, that's why.
    G/L to LL staff to fix the site - which seems to have many problems these days.


    Entry Added: 6 days ago By: RickBond

    TwistedLogic was banned again. He writes:
    Earlier I shared a funny goat vid,embedded it as per the rules and I was banned straight away for no reason.
    That item is here, and he says he uploaded it as an embed - not a file upload.
    He is trying to sort this out as I write this. I'll update as I know more

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