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    Added: Aug-29-2016 By: RickBond


    Entry Added: Apr-14-2017 By: RickBond

    Thanks to alert member BloodBathandBeyond for letting me know.

    EDIT April 22 2017 09:00: He's back!
    EDIT April 22 2017 09:01: Gone again... (J/K)

    What the Hell is Going on!

    Entry Added: Apr-13-2017 By: RickBond

    Yesterday I wrote about comments and messages acting bizarre.
    Today I see I have some messages that I can't retrieve.
    However, most bizarre: I have a message (comment reply) that when I try to view it I get this:
    Comment cannot be displayed, since you have blocked this commenter OR the commenter has blocked you
    However, that person does not have me blocked. I can prove that by visiting his channel.


    Comments and Messages

    Entry Added: Apr-12-2017 By: RickBond

    Two members have reported not being able to comment in a non-risky item, specifically this one.
    In fact, their comments may have actually gone through, but the comments weren’t able to be displayed.
    See Cmbwsu’s comments in this thread for a video illustration.
    Also, comments, comment edits and blog entries are slow to process.

    Some of us are not being notified of comment replies or PMs via our Messages module.
    I’m certain I’m not receiving all of mine.

    Thanks to alert members Radbod, Cmbwsu and SpellingPolice for working together defining the problem.

    This is (hopefully) a temporary and intermittent bug while LiveLeak undergoes upgrades.

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