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    • Good stuff brother

      "It doesn't matter if the program worked. It just felt good doing it."

      You couldn't describe leftist motives better


      Posted Nov-8-2015 By 

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    • Trump voting moron, you could at least read to make competent Bernie jokes.

      "Socialism" does not mean "pro central government" everything, that's false.
      Bernie Sanders specifically, laughably wrong.

      You're a confused moron propagandist who has used many, many accounts to say nothing.

      It seems like a lot of work for the resulting zero gained.

      Posted Jul-13-2015 By 

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    • I really love how much Liberals are foaming at the mouth over this Avatar and you. Thank you for not being another brainwashed progressive libtard.

      Posted Sep-10-2015 By 

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    • Good shit!

      Posted Oct-18-2015 By 

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    • GO BERNIE! :)

      The only person who truly understands that's it's The People's Government and it should work for We, The People, not just for those who have money to buy legislation (and legislators) to get what they want!

      Posted Jul-13-2015 By 

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    • eat turds

      Posted Aug-18-2015 By 

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    • Why would you ever subscribe to my channel? You are literally the antithesis of me.. Your only subscriber is that fucking ever-wank keeprollin(yo) fuck almighty you are the worst liveleaker ever.. Please fuck off.

      Posted Sep-1-2015 By 

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    • yo wehre am i yo

      Posted Aug-18-2015 By 

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    • Posted Aug-14-2015 By 

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    • When Bernie wins, I want you to write him a letter of apology, request a personal meeting so that you may express your regret, then when you go to the Oval Office I want you to understand why Bernie Sanders is fucking you so hard, because Bernie Sanders knows what is good for America, and what is good for America is for retarded nobodies like you, who think you know anything at all about civil matters and proceed to give everyone else your opinion of them, to get fucked. People like you need to More..

      Posted Aug-13-2015 By 

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    • We'd be lucky to get Bernie you're just too much of a jackass to realize that

      Posted Jul-15-2015 By 

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    • What's up my man?! Subscribed for more!

      Posted Aug-25-2016 By 

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    • You're Good Bernie. I noticed you subd "godcreatedfoxnews" hahahaha! "NataliePortman" subd you! hahahaha! what a dumb bitch she is.

      You will make a great spy for the upcoming civil war.

      BTW, I still know what you did for your honeymoon just like I know where Gov. Jerry Brown went to not celebrate the 4th of July ;)

      Posted Oct-12-2016 By 

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    • Epic Troll.      ~  Respect ....   

      Posted Jul-24-2016 By 

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    • Comment of user 'Leak_Lurker' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • -

      Posted Jul-6-2017 By 

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    • Best channel on LiveLeak.

      Posted Jul-1-2017 By 

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    • Your wife is hot, so I subscribed.

      Posted Jul-4-2017 By 

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    • subbed comrade

      Posted Aug-24-2017 By 

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    • Collectivism is for retards and pussies, subscribed.

      Posted Aug-30-2017 By 

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    • Figured I'd join the socialist platform and sub you.Carry on comrade.

      Posted Sep-28-2017 By 

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    • -

      Posted Nov-7-2017 By 

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    • I'm just here for the bread BLYAT!

      Posted Oct-1-2017 By 

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    • Superscribed !
      Like Danno, You Got My ~~~Sub~~>

      Posted Oct-10-2017 By 

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    • -

      Posted Oct-22-2017 By 

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