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    • Gangs and Dropping the Soap in Prison

      Gangs and Dropping the Soap in Prison

      This guy had me in tears when he started talking about dropping the soap. Figured it was worth sharing. Source:

      By: Spazalanche | Comments: 108 | Views: 14576 | Votes: 18 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Oct-21-2014 in Other Entertainment

    • TOW Missile: Super Slo-Mo

      TOW Missile: Super Slo-Mo



      In quite a few posts recently, we have seen or heard references to TOW Missiles. For those wondering about the effect of TOW Missiles, this video will give you some idea. One hell of a weapon.

      By: Spazalanche | Comments: 472 | Views: 74656 | Votes: 80 | Shared: 387
      Leaked: Aug-4-2014 in Weapons

    • Why Veterans Miss War

      Why Veterans Miss War

      TED talk with American war journalist Sebastian Junger who directed the documentary "Restrepo" from the very dangerous Korengal Valley in Afghanistan.

      By: Spazalanche | Comments: 27 | Views: 1356 | Votes: 3 | Shared: 2
      Leaked: Jun-26-2014 in Afghanistan, Other

    • Chauvinist on Dr. Phil

      Chauvinist on Dr. Phil

      Saw this years ago and came across it again. Kinda funny so I thought I'd share. Dude is actually comedian Dax Herrera.

      By: Spazalanche | Comments: 63 | Views: 2032 | Votes: 11 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Apr-11-2014 in WTF

    • Mexican Gangsters

      Mexican Gangsters

      This had me laughing my ass off so I figured I'd share. Try not to clobber me too bad, this is my first upload. Cheers!

      By: Spazalanche | Comments: 34 | Views: 2918 | Votes: 30 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Feb-5-2014 in Other Entertainment

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