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    • 1001 Inventions Analysis - Introduction

      1001 Inventions Analysis - Introduction

      “1001 INVENTIONS” is a UK-based company spreading lies about the involvement of Islam regarding scientific development between the 7th and 17th century. Anyone taking them to task and exposing the

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      Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Apr-20-2015 in Religion

    • False Copyright Claims by 1001 Inventions

      False Copyright Claims by 1001 Inventions

      I try to explain what goes on behind the scenes when a dishonest and deceptive Muslim company plays with copyright claims in an attempt to shut up critics, instead of openly engaging with them.

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      Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Apr-17-2015 in Religion

    • 1001 Inventions or 1001 Lies?

      1001 Inventions or 1001 Lies?

      "1001 Inventions", a UK Muslim company is taking the claim of a Muslim or Islamic Golden Age to extremes. They are launching a broad attack on children and unsuspecting adults in the form of propag

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      Location: United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: Apr-16-2015 in Religion, Propaganda

    • Quran Mistake - in the Koran?

      Quran Mistake - in the Koran?

      The Koran is full of mistakes. I show one. In short, instead of saying humans are commanded to treat their parents well it says humans are forbidden to treat their parents well. After trying to be p

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      Leaked: Aug-15-2014 in Religion

    • Knowledge is Haram

      Knowledge is Haram

      After a debate in Melbourne, Australia, a contentious topic remained unresolved, the question of whether knowledge in Islam is "haram", forbidden. I analyse the claim and show that knowledge in Islam

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      Leaked: Jul-28-2014 in Religion

    • Islam is Shrinking

      Islam is Shrinking

      Everyone knows the slogan, "Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world". Is this true or is it propaganda? What are the facts? What are the sources? Islam is shrinking/dying and believers

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      Leaked: Jul-27-2014 in Religion, Propaganda

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    • Another Hasbara Troll, it's funny how Active they become after Israel commits Genocide just look at the upload dates of the Videos.

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    • Sorry dumbass I feel sorry for your stupidness of this subject.

      Firstly you have no knowledge of the arabic language which is the right hest language of all. One word has more then one meaning.

      Secondly, your sources are corrupt.

      Thirdly, the word haram has many meanings includes :

      Al masjid al haram: the land where it is forbidden to hunt, forbidden to kill, do evil, and most importantly the punishment is more severe by god.

      Same as bayt al haram.

      Al haram al sharif, is th More..

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    • Comments on Islam

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