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Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, “social justice."
― Thomas Sowell

“Never attempt to reason with people who KNOW they are right!”
― Frank Herbert

This is about politics and control by means of fear: “When you make people afraid, they get really stupid”
― Legs McNiel

i try to only downvote anti-trump/anti-american troll pa-trolls! -1

from and live in maine, but also live in new brunswick, canada. dual citizens. married since 1996 to a kind hearted woman, we both worked hard for what we have and we are grateful for everything.
we have one cat named turkey man.

i loathe identity politics and liberalism/leftism.
i hate whiny bitches. i hate perpetual victims.
i hate whatever i want to hate too. no permission needed or wanted.
everyday on this side of the dirt is a good one.

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