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    • As atheists are usually very smart people i`d like to thumb you up,especially turkish atheists must be supported!
      Infidels of all countries,unite! :-))

      Posted May-1-2017 By 

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    • Hey man. How is it being an atheist in Turkey? Do they give you much grief?

      Posted May-15-2017 By 

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      • Nice question! But no, not really actually. I live in Ankara and I have a lot of atheist friends, our numbers are rising every year and people especially in big cities are aware of it. Of course there are bigoted people everywhere but until now I haven't come across anyone that directly insulted me because of my thoughts. But still, it's not very welcome when you speak out. People (mostly elderlies) won't be very happy with it but usually they respect it. I'm lucky that my family is one of the m More..

        Posted Jun-14-2017 By 

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