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    • Mafia police gun down activist in Missouri
      Start the video at 4:20 Over a year has passed since Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot four times in a central Missouri gas station parking lot at a pre-arranged meeting. Weinhaus was rightly co
      shooting officer cleared of all charges.
      shooting officer was cleared of all charges. I would like the comments to stay propaganda for a fascist police state. I also want posts by people who claim to have shot ALOT of people.
      Cop Changes His Tune For Camera
      Illinois State Police says he is above the law. Video courtesy of Brian Miner.
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    • Active vs. Passive Euthanasia

      Active vs. Passive Euthanasia

      'Misunderstanding the Moral Equivalence of Killing and Letting Die' One of the most famous discussions in applied ethics, James Rachels’s advocacy of euthanasia, contains an argument that impl

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    • Media slams white men.

      Media slams white men.

      This is an example of how the media wishes slam white men, and push the illuminati homosexual agenda by brainwashing females into becoming bisexual/lesbian/transgender. I'm quoting the descriptio

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