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    • Fast & Furious Romanian Style - Entire video

      Fast & Furious Romanian Style - Entire video

      A funny video from Romania :) . The video it is pretty old but I saw just a small part on LL. Here is the entire video :D . BTW : Keep you stupid comments for yourself and think twice before saying

      By: andreysc7 | Comments: 39 | Views: 2884 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 51
      Location: Romania | Leaked: Apr-7-2013 in Other Entertainment

    • Gypsy kid caught stealing

      Gypsy kid caught stealing

      Here is the deal. The scum was caught stealing a bike and the owner (I guess) of the shop saw him. Its a shop with bicycle parts. He locked up that filthy child and here you have the translation :

      By: andreysc7 | Comments: 81 | Views: 7071 | Votes: 3 | Shared: 19
      Location: Romania | Leaked: Jan-29-2013 in WTF

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