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    • Aerial Rocket Ground Explosion

      Aerial Rocket Ground Explosion

      This is what happens when an aerial rocket is not permitted to slip the surly bonds of earth.

      By: choctaw111 | Comments: 12 | Views: 1836 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
      Location: United States | Leaked: Jul-5-2015 in Other Entertainment

    • Army Machine Gun Qualification

      Army Machine Gun Qualification

      My first upload. Recorded from one of my deployments over a decade ago. We had a group of machine gunners who were due for their M240 qualification. This is a small excerpt from that day. The gunn

      By: choctaw111 | Comments: 37 | Views: 2064 | Votes: 1 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: May-5-2014 in Weapons

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