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    • lol interesting screen name.
      i like it

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      • @mongoose

        I couldnt think of a screen name for the life of me.My aunt is about as pure a native american as you can get,she actually looks like the Disney Pocahontas. So in desperation I asked her for an authentic Shoshone name.

        Her response:"How the fuck should I know?You mean like coyote-entrails or something?"

        All I could think was "fuck it,close enough."lol

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      • @coyoteentrails

        indians always think of cool names. my ex is mostly cherokee.
        my pets have native american names lol

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      • @coyoteentrails
        That's funny.

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      • @coyoteentrails Great story!!! I was driving down a bumpy ass dirt road hunting and a buddy of mine part native american of mine says. Its all the indian love stones everywhere and I said what? He says you know, all theses fucking rocks.....

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    • ..hey kiddie, check this out.

      Block retarded user

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    • I see you kiss Trumpets ass. Nice.

      Posted Jun-6-2016 By 

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    • You idiot.
      Just another white trailer trash cunt who thinks voting against his own best interests is a good way to protest the government.
      Well, you're fucking yourself (again). Biting your nose off to spite your face.
      Bush voter? Thought so.
      That didn't work out so well, did it?
      So I say to you cuntman, fuck yourself.
      Because you're fucking everyone, but mostly yourself, by voting for Trump.
      Suck his cock, it will not help.

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    • Always good to run into a fellow Patriot here.

      I enjoy reading your comments and thoughts.

      Stay safe and well.



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    • ooh, look what i have for you

      it's a nice brand new block just for you cucktard

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