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    • Hi Mate,
      The video of ANZACs in WW1 most of the video were on the Western front except 30 seconds was the training in Egypt before Gallipoli and 45 seconds is the Gallipoli battle.

      Hope this helps

      Yes Turks were also a respected foe.

      and today we are both friends!

      Aussie guy

      Posted Nov-17-2008 By 

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    • U do know that we have nukes in ur piss ant country dont you? I was staioned at Incirlik and all i can say about your shitty 3rd world country is that is smells like pig shit outside our base. oh yeah and the women are fucking hidious. Also if u think that we are so uneducated here in the U.S. why was it when i was in School it seems like everybody from around the world come here for an education?? Oh yeah we also brought the world more tech then any country in the history of man. Have a good da More..

      Posted May-16-2009 By 

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    • Hello,
      I wanted to reply to you, but didnt want to tie up the threads any further with that large thread.
      They say they did use a tazer on him but was ineffective. They didnt say why, drugs?, adrenaline?, mental illness?, miss?. I agree with everyone that there were too many shots, I was just explaining how it can happen. A shotgun, as I said in the thread, would have taken care of the situation and then he would still be dead. Some more facts came out last night in the news is that he was wrest More..

      Posted Aug-6-2009 By 

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    • Oxymoron.

      Posted Dec-27-2010 By 

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    • LOL your avatar make's me giggle!

      Posted Aug-4-2010 By 

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    • Hi Dave, I've noticed your comment on post about enginer sucked into plane engine. You mentioned about dokumentingreality site, but there is a limit on views. So, to make things short: maybe you have an invitation or know someone who could give one? I would realy like to join old ogrish comunity. If you feel generous then write me a line on my channel and I'll give you e-mail to send to. Ok man take care and thanks in advance ;)

      Posted May-14-2010 By 

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    • Damn LL messaging system, I get errors all the time. So i just risk it all and post email here cause i'm very serious in getting the invitation to DR site. So here it goes -

      Posted Jun-25-2010 By 

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    • Hey idiot...

      now that Kostantinoupolis is gonna BURN... where you gonna live ?...

      in the shithole of Kappadokia ?...

      better start to pack your things... for a nice cave...

      LOL !!!...

      Posted Jun-16-2013 By 

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    • selam dostum.

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    • subbed birader.

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    • Merhabalar

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    • Is this where the decent Turks are that recognize the genocide?

      Posted Jan-4-2015 By 

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    • Kebab

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