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    • Cage Fighting Xtreme Event Intro

      Cage Fighting Xtreme Event Intro

      This is the video that plays on the big screens at the beginning of the events. It's better with the light show and the crowd but you get the general idea. Cage Fighting Xtreme is owned by WEC/UFC vet

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      Location: Minnesota, United States | Leaked: May-22-2012 in Sports

    • Element Arms- My favorite store!

      Element Arms- My favorite store!

      Element Arms in Becker, MN. By far my favorite store. They sponsor Brock Larson and Cage Fighting Xtreme as well as Matt Hughes and some other big names in MMA. Guns and MMA, does it get any better?

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      Location: Becker, Minnesota, United States | Leaked: May-22-2012 in Weapons

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    • Hey, nice avatar!

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    • awesome avatar

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    • Dropping by to say hello and to wish a good day. Great comments on that pussy exconcervative. Damn trolls.

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      • Sorry, I've been gone a while. Yeah, I can't stand that hack. I know we're not supposed to feed the trolls, but damn it's fun isn't it? Take care bud.

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    • badass avatar!!!

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    • "My wife and oldest son are brown belts in Japanese JuJitsu and competed in a few Judo Tournaments. It's fun to watch but kind of frustrating as JuJitsu students. One throw and the match is over. Unless it's not a clean throw, but then the ground work is only allowed to go on for a very short time. Also, unfortunately MN Judo is corrupt. My wife 125lbs. had her ribs broken during a bad throw in the state championships by a 165lb. black belt woman who should NEVER have been allowed into that More..

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      • Wow, I always thought wrist locks were considered "small joint manipulation" and were not allowed. I guess it depends on the tournament. Luckily my kids are under 13 so even arm bars and chokes are not allowed. There are a few holds they can do but it's mostly a game of getting a takedown, getting the dominant position and maintaining a hold down for points. I'm fine with that. At their age, they don't need any joint damage. Plus they don't compete much. They are pretty passive kids an More..

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      • @djdjr¬†Why would someone down vote this comment?? I'm glad to hear you're giving your kids the self defense skills they might likely need in this Obamanation. Kudos to u.

        Posted Jul-19-2015 By 

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      • @DemocrapsAREaDisease¬†Thanks. Yeah, I think people just blindly click thumbs or something. And you're right, with the violence and rioting on this community organizer in chief's watch, everyone needs as much self defense training as they can get.

        Posted Jul-20-2015 By 

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    • Cheers for the banter mate. See you 'round.

      Posted Jan-4-2011 By 

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