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    • Corey Haim's 911 Call

      Corey Haim's 911 Call

      This is the call to 911 from Corey Haim's mom. Say what you will about Corey Haim's acting, but this is just heartbreaking. I can't imagine how I would react if this were my son and I had to make

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      Leaked: Mar-16-2010 in Other Entertainment, Other

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    • ppl like u make me sick your a damn american and your complaing about them crushing cars and sec if u look the truck and shit open so they must of serached the car what are they going do just pull some one over and find nottin and cruch there car just think about it man there had to be some thing in the car and ya i know it ant fact but if u go by facts it just as weel not to watch any of the vid

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    • great comments buddy.

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    • Fiddler on the roof was always anti-arabist. Im glad you are making a breakthrough Ahkmed "death to annoying musicals"

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    • no uploads, just shit talking,

      typical troll.

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    • don't bother with slaker's bullshit, she is afraid of being realistic so she paints everyone out to be just as self-absorbed as her..I understand that's how some women are but it's usually because of immaturity and lack of life experience. Attention whores will always try to be provocative for the sake of attention.

      And this site doesn't mandate you upload videos if you don't want too, typical shit for brains making youtube-ish review videos on a news site like he's contributing.

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    • Never a tie retard...

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    • When you are taking legal action and banning guns based on how they look (Klinton "assault weapons ban") that is gun racism. After all, if you applied the same test to a person it would be actual racism. I am sorry that you are too dim to understand the analogy.

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      • @johndeerrm I understand what you are trying to say with the analogy, but it is a flawed analogy. A weapon's sole purpose is to kill, injure, or cause fear in your enemy, that isn't the sole purpose of a human being. Larger, more accurate or "deadlier" weapons are used to create even more damage or fear, therefore it makes perfect sense to fear or find a problem with an automatic weapon or heavy weapon over say, a knife. No "racism" involved, just reasoning.

        I'm sure ther More..

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    • Talking shit and then just blocking them is a pussy move. It's like trying to sucker punch someone and then running.

      @the wedge and @swatgodjr couldn't handle it, so they took the pussy move and "blocked" me. Good times!

      Full disclosure, I blocked them after they blocked me. Now they can't even see what they said! ;p

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      • @Reginald Denney Interesting unsolicited, and quite racist, comment. Reading comprehension isn't your thing, is it? That sentence is not separated by commas in any way, why are you separating the actions?

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    • thanx for the vote up

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    • Beep, beep, beep, beep.

      Heh heh heh heh..

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