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    • ello mate , hope all is well . Just watched you latest post . Good stuff mate , I love my mom to death . Sadly I only get to see her every few years , I make the most of it when she's here in Canada , from England . We smoke a ton of weed and drink a shit load of beer lol just joking mate , just her not me .

      Take care mate ....and all the best !!!

      Posted Jul-11-2008 By 

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    • why does everyone who posts on anything i have to do with get banned, FFS!?!?!

      sorry it happened to you too, bud, i saw some decent comments from you, but i dont know your story.
      all in all id say you were an average joe, idk wtf you did, but i dont think you were at the top of the list for deserving banned people.

      MODS! - WTF?

      Posted Jul-25-2008 By 

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    • "I'm Just a soul who's intentions are goooood..Oh lord..please don't let me be Miss Understood.".....sorry to see that your banned,,,,i think that there is a lot wrong here.

      Posted Jul-30-2008 By 

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