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    • Sheep slaughter goes wrong

      Sheep slaughter goes wrong

      To spare you some comments, there is no animal abuse in this video, the sheep was slaughtered for consumption. If you had some sort of meat in the last 24hours, then you are not any better, all animal

      By: fredyliquin | Comments: 29 | Views: 7294 | Votes: 4 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Sep-14-2016 in WTF

    • Maintenance in hospital room

      Maintenance in hospital room



      Google translated: In a startling video of an Algerian hospital currently circulating on the web, a worker performs dangerous work, in a room of hôpital..en presence of patients. Hand tools, t

      By: fredyliquin | Comments: 330 | Views: 90244 | Votes: 24 | Shared: 186
      Location: Algeria | Leaked: Aug-14-2015 in WTF

    • A Huge explosion in Yemen Sanaa.

      A Huge explosion in Yemen Sanaa.

      Can't tell when, but apparently this happened just recently.

      By: fredyliquin | Comments: 14 | Views: 2235 | Votes: 2 | Shared: 0
      Leaked: Apr-20-2015 in Other Middle East

    • Some kids "having fun" in Algiers

      Some kids "having fun" in Algiers



      Randomly shooting fireworks into traffic and public places.

      By: fredyliquin | Comments: 666 | Views: 83331 | Votes: 86 | Shared: 409
      Location: Algeria | Leaked: Jan-16-2015 in Other Middle East, WTF

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