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    • Brexit the movie.

      Brexit the movie.

      If you have not seen it it is a must watch and shows what the EU is truly about and why the rich like david cameron,george osborne,edd balls and all the major companies want us to stay in the EU. W

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      Location: England, United Kingdom (UK/GB) | Leaked: May-17-2016 in Politics

    • Britain first tour illegal sharia court.

      Britain first tour illegal sharia court.

      Britain fighting back! It amazes me how tough they are when they are in large numbers surrounding people with different views but how shy and cowardice they become in their corrupt illegal court w

      By: guy1072 | Comments: 55 | Views: 2525 | Votes: 23 | Shared: 5
      Leaked: Apr-25-2016 in Politics

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    • Did not even notice this page, a testament to a sea of butt hurt trolls i have defeated.

      Posted Mar-15-2014 By 

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    • Now you have have a more serious problem to deal than the Greek dept and what is this????
      Ohhhhh come on....Congratulation for your Muslim mayor lol London turned in Londonistan Oxford in Al Oxfordah i will sit back and watch the transformation of your shithole while you still monitoring the Greek dept cheers hope you enjoy it ...

      Posted May-16-2016 By 

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      • @Linzo69 You live off others wage and want another bail out. You are over 300 billion euros in debt and want another bailout and to get the bail out you are raising taxes and cutting pensions. I dont even live in london so you know has no effect on me where i am its all white run.

        Posted May-17-2016 By 

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      • @guy1072 just be patient to see the ISIS flag flying in Big Ben and you know that this it has big effect cause you are frightened of dying by a big boom near you when you tell me that where you live its all white thats impossible and its better for you to stay in your mousehole...

        Posted May-17-2016 By 

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      • @Linzo69 You are aware that at any point that the queen deems necessary she can take complete control over the army and government....

        Islam will not take over and a flag will not fly over big ben. England wont go boom but on the other hand greece's economy will go boom.

        Posted May-17-2016 By 

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      • @guy1072 i dont think that an 90 years old granny with senile dementia has so good judgment to get so serious decisions about the army but if you trust her its your problem we are pleased with her behavior cause still can give us your money...

        Posted May-17-2016 By 

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      • @Linzo69 Enjoy your pension cuts and tax hikes.....

        Posted May-18-2016 By 

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    • Lol, the scared little kitty feels good about himself. Unable to defend his position to the most basic questions, he deflects and calls anyone brighter than he, a pedophile.

      What a punk bitch loser.

      Posted Feb-20-2016 By 

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      • @reaper7recon Geeze you were so but hurt..... You dont accept any opinion other than your own, And we both know the reason why i called you a pedofile.... Still trying to warp what was said to suite your on bullshit so sad.

        Posted Apr-5-2016 By 

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    • you big HOMO lol


      Posted May-25-2016 By 

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    • Remember me???Yes you are right the guy who owes you,the Greek dept,we send you some extra hardworkers instead of money and as i see they have done very well be friendly ok?(pay dept motherfuckers)Hope you enjoy it with a cup of tea...

      Posted Jan-25-2017 By 

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