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    • Vagina hater.

      Posted Sep-23-2014 By 

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    • Freeze your balls off fuck face!

      Posted Jul-5-2015 By 

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    • fuck off goatfucker! blocked!

      Posted Dec-15-2015 By 

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    • Evil muslim BLOCKED GO FUCK ALLAH.

      Posted Aug-27-2015 By 

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    • You stool pigeon rat muther fucker! I'll get you I have friends in Winnipeg fuck face!

      Posted Jul-5-2015 By 

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    • Comment of user 'Bigs' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • CurSed


      Posted Sep-2-2015 By 

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    • Thanks for the vote on my midget clip !

      Posted Apr-13-2015 By 

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    • Evil prospers when good men do nothing​ - keep up the good fight cheers

      Posted Aug-26-2015 By 

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    • stopped by to say hi and sub.
      i really appreciated your reply to my comment on flanks post, very down to earth and open minded, peace.

      Posted Aug-12-2015 By 

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    • The conciseness is that you have Shit-4-Brains and I agree.

      Posted Jun-28-2016 By 

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    • MoHAMmed is having your arse tonight cavecunt boy.

      Posted Aug-24-2016 By 

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    • LIL BITCH 

      Posted Dec-22-2016 By 

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    • Scumbag loser scumbag

      Posted Nov-11-2016 By 

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    • Everyone thinks you're a Muslim hahaha!

      Subbed just for being in the 204!

      Posted Sep-13-2016 By 

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    • subbed up.
      Portage and main.
      I spent my young years in charelswood.

      Couldn't wait to leave that frozen, mosquito infested waste land.
      Some do love the 4 seasons though.

      NOT me man, there is maybe 3 good months out of the year when there are no mukluks or bugs. I do miss the saugers and pickerel. THE ONLY thing i miss though.

      Posted Nov-18-2016 By 

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      Posted Nov-19-2016 By 

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    • Fuck you and everything you live for!

      Posted Jan-29-2017 By 

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    • Troll Alert

      Posted Feb-2-2017 By 

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    • -

      Posted Jun-3-2017 By 

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    • Potential SJW.

      Posted May-2-2017 By 

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    • Subbed.

      Posted Aug-7-2017 By 

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    • There's a method to the madness.

      Posted Aug-25-2017 By 

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    • Thanks for sub!

      Please, also join to my Patreon for more and more frequent videos from all over Russia -

      Posted Sep-4-2017 By 

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    • Thanks for upvote!

      Posted Oct-7-2017 By 

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