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    • Excellent channel my friend. Keep it up!

      Posted Aug-8-2011 By 

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    • Greats Vids, Thank you for posting.

      Posted Aug-9-2011 By 

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    • I like your posts and comments, man. Subbed :)

      Posted Sep-4-2011 By 

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    • your a good uploader,subscribed.

      i also upload,visit my channel.

      don't worry about the trolls in the vids,just keep doing what your doing.

      Posted Sep-18-2011 By 

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    • Great channel! Excellent uploads. Very Impressed. Was going to come in here and ask if you needed anything but I think you could teach some of us old timers how it's done. Rock on! Subscribed!

      Posted Aug-25-2011 By 

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    • Comment of user 'Ayman-al-Zawahiri' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • Sorry, but the terrorists must face what they deserve.......

      Posted Nov-23-2011 By 

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      • @Bikkuri Yes agreed, and let's identify them. An admission from the British Embassy Military Attache in Yemen, during a meeting with the most senior government authority in Aden city, Abdul-Karim Shaif, on November 21st 2011, the military attache was recorded as saying to the latter "you are behind the explosions and assassinations, it is you who brought the terrorism and made it grow in Aden and its environs, and we know that well" (translation from Arabic source More..

        Posted Nov-24-2011 By 

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    • Thought I'd come over and beat you up with some thumbs up !!
      Peace !!

      Posted May-25-2012 By 

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    • Hello Dear Friend

      Am Miss Joy,and i view your profile today at and i was interesting in
      getting to know you more for us to build a relationship from here,And i will
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      Best Regards
      Miss Joy

      Posted May-18-2012 By 

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    • Thanks for the thumbs, man!

      Posted Aug-20-2013 By 

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    • Posted Jul-2-2017 By 

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