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    • I agree 100% with your comment on the Gewliani vid.

      Posted Nov-13-2007 By 

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    • You said that you learned in college that HAMAS...was founded by ISRAEL.

      Im telling you to go ask for your money back, fast.


      Posted Apr-22-2008 By 

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    • "I agree. In a way I can't wait until the economy fully collapses and the haves become desperate. Not that I condone welfare for those able to work but there are truly mentally ill and sick people that need it. I am conflicted because as a Christian I feel for the poor but at the same time I have been working hard jobs since I was ten and now my hand is injured but there is nobody offering to help me out."


      Were it up to so-called 'compassionate conservatives' you'd continue getti More..

      Posted Feb-12-2009 By 

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    • Jew-licking creep.


      Posted Dec-14-2015 By 

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    • Comment of user 'docmatt' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
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      Heres your trophy. You can lick your shit off of it after Ron Paul pulls it out of your ass

      Posted Aug-27-2017 By 

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